Revue Starlight / Staff list

Anime - Cast
Koyama Momoyo
It's tough for me to be part of a stage play and an anime as I'm not used to it. But I'm doing my best to face the new difficulty and become better at it. The final result will be a wonderful Revue ! I hope we'll be able to produce a great anime and stage play. Please look forward to it!
Mimori Suzuko
For both the stage play and the anime, the whole cast is working very hard together and recording all the scenes. I'm sure everyone who will watch it will enjoy it. Please watch the anime and the play and you'll see the power of our passion, our friendship, as well as incredible battles and interesting stories!
Iwata Haruki
I think the way the stage girls face their own inner conflicts and accept their weaknesses while competing against each other as rivals is a very interesting concept! While recording the anime scenes, which was a first time challenge for me, I decided to work as hard as I can and with both my passion and innocence to convey my feelings. I hope you'll watch the anime and appreciate our hard work, and you'll be able to feel the uniqueness of our brilliance as stage girls!
Aiba Aina
Bonjour ♡ I will show you a stage performance like you've never seen before and that only I can achieve. I'm not sure what will be the next steps, but I know I'll be able to accomplish anything. J'attends sur scène ! That's why Aiba will try her best and looks forward to your support ☆☆
Tomita Maho
Maya is an incredible character! I love her and I'll do my best to aim for the top and I will put all my effort into it! As I look around me, I see everyone in the staff being so kind and strict at the same time. I really like them so... I find them cute. Haha. We're currently recording the anime scenes and I hope we will be able to convey to all of you the charms of the characters! Let's make everyone be part of our Starlight!
Satou Hinata
I hope everyone will see how we were able to link the 9 main characters from the stage play to the characters in the anime and their development. I think the animation style from Junna Animation company is very charming, so I'm glad we're working on such a great anime. Thank you!
Koizumi Moeka
Nana-chan is a very cute girl who loves everyone! She's like a mother to all the stage girls! Personally, I wouldn't say my personality is one of a mother, so it was a bit challenging for me to record the anime scenes, I was constantly wondering how I could express a motherly image. I keep studying everyday to be the best version of her. Nana-chan, I'm counting on your support!
Ikuta Teru
Boyish and cool looking Futaba! The cutest point of Futaba from the anime is, of course, how small she is! As it's my first time voice-acting, the other girls help me a lot. I'll be glad to see that you enjoy the anime and the stage play too!
Itou Ayasa
Hanayagi Kaoruko is a beautiful young girl from Kyoto. She's always smiling, but has a devilish style as part of her personality. So sizzling! Her childhood friend Futaba takes good care of her. As her voice actress, I need to make sure I convey these feelings between the 2 characters. I hope I'll be able to perform well... But one thing I know for sure, I'll do it with all my heart!
3D Stage Lighting Kamiya Hisayasu
カミヤ ヒサヤス
Photographer Izumida Kazuto
Editor Kurosawa Masayuki
Acoustic Director Yamada Haru
Music Fujisawa Yoshiaki
Music Tatsuya Kato
加藤 達也
Dramatic Script / Drama Songwriting Lyrics Nakamura Kanata
Animation Production Kinema Citrus
Stageplay Screenplay Writer Miura Kaori
Stageplay Director Kodama Akiko
Giraffe (Voice only) Tsuda Kenjiro
津田 健次郎
Original Bushiroad