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Saijo ClaudineSaijo Claudine

Name Saijo Claudine
Voice actress Aiba Aina
Open voice actress
Open voice actress
School Seisho Music Academy 99th Class
Open school
Open school
Department Actor Training Department
School year 2nd year
Birthday August 1
Astrological sign Astrological sign Leo
Color #fe9952
Weapon Étincelle de Fierté
Liked food Sashimi
Disliked food Pickled foods (umeboshi)
Likes Film/theater, training
Dislikes Scary stories (esp. Japanese horror films)
Born to a Japanese father and French mother, this talented Stage Girl already has a long career as a child actress. Upon entering the school, she meets the brilliant Maya and immediately begins a staunch rivalry.

She is the daughter of a Japanese father and a French mother. She has many talents and is a stage girl who participated in various plays as a child. However, once she entered the school, she met Maya for the first time, a girl who shone with such strength that from then on she became her sworn rival.

Her dream is “To surpass Maya Tendo and become the number one star!”

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