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November 10, 2019 16:47:41 +0000 (UTC)


y’all call shiori x akira akishio or shioaki, shiokira etc............

i call it shakira.

October 25, 2019 11:08:23 +0000 (UTC)

    New Paid Package! 4☆ Stage Girl Selection Ticket Pack!


■ 4☆ Stage Girl Selection Ticket...

New Paid Package! 4☆ Stage Girl Selection Ticket Pack!

■ 4☆ Stage Girl Selection Ticket Pack, is a new paid package that allows you to choose the 4☆ Stage Girl that you desire! Further more, it costs only 2940yen!

Only the permanent 4☆ Stage Girls in the gacha are redeemable by this ticket.

■ Buying Period: October 25th 16:00JST until December 1st 4:59JST

4☆ Stage Girl Selection Ticket Pack (One time only)

Price: 2940yen


- 2450 Stargems

- 700 Bonus Stargems

- 4☆ Stage Girl Selection Ticket

- 500 Stamina

- 500,000 Coins

■ How to redeem your ticket: Go to your Items (その他>アイテム一覧]画面) and choose ★4舞台少女選択チケット the Stage Girl you choose is going to be in your Present Box.

List of Redeemable Stage Girls - Musketeer d'Artagnan Aijou Karen

- Da Vinci Aijou Karen

- Sherlock Holmes Aijou Karen

- Musketeer Athos Kagura Hikari

- Musketeer Porthos Tsuyuzaki Mahiru

- Aladdin Saijou Claudine

- Nutcracker Saijou Claudine

- Sun Nation General Tendou Maya

- Maid Melissa Tendou Maya

- Musketeer Aramis Hoshimi Junna

- Phantom Daiba Nana

- Puss in Boots Isurugi Futaba

- Black Lion Nation General Hanayagi Kaoruko

- Don Salvatore Hanayagi Kaoruko

- Ghost Patrol Squad Deputy Captain Tomoe Tamao

- Otohime Tomoe Tamao

- Ghost Patrol Squad Captain Otonashi Ichie

- Winged Tengu Otonashi Ichie

- Benzaiten Yumeoji Fumi

- Yagyu Jubei Akikaze Rui

- Onikage Akikaze Rui

- Minamoto Yoshitsune Tanaka Yuyuko

- Greenhorn Captain Ootsuki Aruru

- Alice Ootsuki Aruru

- Don Quijote Kanou Misora

- Pandora Kanou Misora

- Cinderella Nonomiya Lalafin

- Cheshire Cat Ebisu Tsukasa

- Pirate Queen Kochou Shizuha

- Queen of Hearts Kochou Shizuha

- Count of Monte Cristo Kochou Shizuha

- Celestial Goddess Yukishiro Akira

- Siren Yukishiro Akira

- Doctor Yukishiro Akira

- Heracles Ootori Michiru

- Lu Bu Liu Meifan

- Nurse Liu Meifan

- Belle Yumeoji Shiori

- Earth Goddess Tsuruhime Yachiyo

January 13, 2022 16:56:51 +0000 (UTC)


Looking for staff!

Hello everyone!

We used to have a developer who gave us an API where we got the cards data from, but unfortunately that API is not available at the moment.

As of now, we don't know where to get the data from, and we don't have anyone left in the team (I manage Circles as a whole, not the individual sites).

So long story short: We need help!

Enter data manually (no specific skills required)

We'll allow you to access the staff side of the site so that you can add the new cards, images, and any detail you have at hand (skills, etc). Just images are a good start, though. Anything helps! ❤️

Enter data automatically (dev)

If you have some basic experience with programming and you know where to get the data (API) or want to help with that, please reach out ❤️

How to apply?

Send me a private message here (if you unlocked your inbox) or contact the team here.

Thanks for your support ❤️

June 24, 2020 21:40:21 +0000 (UTC)


Hi! Am new here to starlight but I played starlight for so long! Junna is my best girl. I hope we can be friends! <3

November 30, 2020 17:35:38 +0000 (UTC)

Tamoe Tamao Princess Kaguya is coming out tomorrow! Save up your gems! ;

Tamoe Tamao Princess Kaguya is coming out tomorrow! Save up your gems! ;)