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June 24, 2020 21:40:21 +0000 (UTC)


Hi! Am new here to starlight but I played starlight for so long! Junna is my best girl. I hope we can be friends! <3

April 27, 2020 02:55:28 +0000 (UTC)

oh shit i forgot to introduce myself here-

so hello yall, i'm one of the couple of hopeless revue starlight fans on here so yeah um i've been on this site for a while (since last december if you call that a while lmao) mainly to look at the new cards and memoirs that are in the jp server (where tf did laelaps rui go-) , and to flex my cards on here lmao and yes as you can see from my profile i'm an f2p since im broke as shit to even spare enough money to buy some of the stuff on relive- (but hey even f2ps like me can get their girls buff) anyway i started getting into starlight when i downloaded relive, and fell in love with akiraaa (what a babe, so full of ego but i still love her anyway lmao) but then i watched the anime and fell in love with junna and banana because yes so anyway i'll mostly be posting my 'lucky' gacha rolls on here, and other things that i found interesting during my gameplays in relive so look forward to those i guess k what else oh aight i used to be a hardcore fan of love live (muse will always have a special place in my heart ;-;), so i guess im used to stanning like a million girls lmao

but anyway i hope i can get along with this whole community :DDD Nice to meet you all!

sorry for the long post ;w;
November 09, 2020 18:19:01 +0000 (UTC)


Soo, eehh, hello? Haha I'm new here and I'm new in Revue fandom so I think that's my first post, yeah, that's it. I don't finish the anime (STILL, I'm doing it! ><) but I think it's the correct moment to enter in the fandom. I started watching Revue by Mimorin (one of my favorite seiyuus) but i left it in episode 3 for about ... 2 months?? I don't know xD I saw it again 2 days ago when I found out about the Reveu x LL Sunshine collaboration. Andddd that's all. Feel free to add me or messege me ^^ Ah and I also don't play the game but I'm thinking do it

Best Girls (for now)

Futaba Claudine Junna JunnaxMahiru ClaudinexFutaba KaorukoxClaudine

July 18, 2020 15:47:06 +0000 (UTC)


I’m new here. My name is Peach. I’m also on Bandpa as well.

I make art, play keyboard. Oh, and my best girl is Tamao Tomoe!

I hope I get along with the community! :D

August 27, 2020 14:51:47 +0000 (UTC)


hi i'm new here my name is kamon i started revue starlight anime from few days ago i'm a artist my pronouns is she/her i trying to my best nice to meet you

November 06, 2020 21:11:02 +0000 (UTC)

Heyyy I created this account a bit ago but heres me making an introduction 
hey, i go my avva my...

Heyyy I created this account a bit ago but heres me making an introduction hey, i go my avva my best revue girl is rui akikaze where are the rui stans at anyway but im saving for her birthday rn please comehome i will reroll :))

October 13, 2019 11:27:41 +0000 (UTC)


Hi, I'm Alina! I've always had revue downloaded, but I haven't started playing it till recently! I really love the game so far and my best girl is Nana Daiba (aka Banana).

I also play Bandori (BanG Dream! Girl's Band Party) and i have an account on Bandori Party too! I will also try to follow everyone on here as well, it should be easier because there are less people on here.

Bai! uwu

October 04, 2019 11:26:30 +0000 (UTC)


alright myself, it's time to finally introduce myself. no more lurking like a shadow in the community.

yeet im haruka, im a tween, and i never learned how to read or write. also im very sickly and will probably be ded soon. rip.

take a look at my trashy profile if u like wasting precious seconds of ur life. also my best girls are junna, claudine, maya, nana, tamao, rui, ichie, yuyuko, yachiyo and shiori. the latter two and the first one are absolutely precious. lupinchiyo why the f dID U NOT COME HOME

as u can see im a weeb and (trash) memer, smth 90% of the community is. always.

finally, im familiar with aoi_koizumi, we're frens. ill leave my discord tag and wattpad link (pls no read my books) if u want to check me out there (who am i kidding).

ig thats enough abt me already alright peace yeetus

October 02, 2019 18:49:55 +0000 (UTC)


Hello Everyone! I'm Sumi, this is my first post on Starlight Academy! Nice to meet everyone! If you use BanPa (Bandori Party) You may have seen some of my posts. (my user is FleetingKaoru) I'm quite excited to be here!

September 17, 2019 00:54:40 +0000 (UTC)


Dude I just started watching the anime and oh my God I'm already halfway through, lord help me.

Also hi, I'm MarshmallowPie, probably should have started with that, but oh well.