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Hi. My name's Key she/her

Alias: Keytan, Kagi, Haruka

Fav color: Orange, Lime

I like to see n make memes.

I draw fanart sometimes cuz I play games more than draw lol

I'm interested in 2D handsome girls and playful girls.

My OTP of 4 schools

  • JunnaNana
  • IchiFumi
  • AruMiso
  • AkiShio
(Actually, I love all of ship)

My top 5 songs

  • Zeus's Decision
  • The Awakening of a Passion
  • Fly me to the star
  • Rose Poems
  • Love's wicked pitch
(It's hard to choose top5)

I love everything about Starlight.

Nice to meet you ❤️

I'm not good at English but I will do my best!

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