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Name Iwata Haruki
Birthday April 3, 1995
29 years old
Astrological sign Astrological sign Aries
Blood type AB
Height 154 cm
Specialty Baton Twirling, Piano
Hobbies Making Sweets, Watching Baseball, Dancing

Iwata Haruki (岩田 陽葵, First name: Haruki, Last name: Iwata) born April 3rd, 1995 in Tokyo, Japan. She is well-known for her roles in the Alice-in-Project, a Girls Theater Company, stage plays. She is affiliated under Mirai Pictures Japan. She is an actress and a seiyuu. She is often called Haru-chan (はるちゃん) and Haruki-chan (はるきちゃん).

She has been in the acting and theater industry since she was in Third year of Middle School. She has appeared as main character in multile Alice in Project stage plays, as well as minor characters in a few TV dramas. She can also be seen in Ieri Reo’s “Hello To The World” PV.

People tells her often that she’s always happy/smiling and that her personality of always looking forward into the future is her charm point. She’s very my pace. Her favorite manga is Inuyasha. Her favorite colors are white and orange.


I think the way the stage girls face their own inner conflicts and accept their weaknesses while competing against each other as rivals is a very interesting concept! While recording the anime scenes, which was a first time challenge for me, I decided to work as hard as I can and with both my passion and innocence to convey my feelings. I hope you'll watch the anime and appreciate our hard work, and you'll be able to feel the uniqueness of our brilliance as stage girls!

Stage girl Tsuyuzaki Mahiru
Open stage girl
Open stage girl
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