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Tsuyuzaki MahiruTsuyuzaki Mahiru

Name Tsuyuzaki Mahiru
Voice actress Iwata Haruki
Open voice actress
Open voice actress
School Seisho Music Academy 99th Class
Open school
Open school
Department Actor Training Department
School year 2nd year
Birthday May 4
Astrological sign Astrological sign Taurus
Color #61bf99
Weapon Love Judgement
Liked food Potatoes
Disliked food Fava beans
Likes Baton, watching baseball, cleaning
Dislikes Old Maid, sad stories
Though she sings and dances her heart out on stage, this Stage Girl is normally withdrawn and contemplative. She admires her roommate Karen's cheery and outgoing nature, but her feelings are put in a difficult place when Karen's old friend Hikari shows up.

When on stage she dances and sings energetically, yet she normally is quite a gentle and shy girl. As Karen’s roommate she has always looked up to her cheerfulness and positive attitude. However, the turmoil in her heart won’t stop once Karen’s childhood friend, Hikari, is back on the scene…

Her dream is “To be Karen’s partner!”

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