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Name Koizumi Moeka
Birthday Feb. 27, 1996
28 years old
Astrological sign Astrological sign Pisces
Blood type A
Height 163 cm
Specialty Chorus Singing, Hearing a song once and being able to harmonize in it.
Hobbies Acapella, Watching Movies

Koizumi Moeka (小泉 萌香, First name: Moeka, Last name: Koizumi) born February 27th, 1996 in Hyougo, Japan. She is mostly seen in commercials and musicals. She is well-known for playing Daiba Nana in the Stage Play and TV Anime project Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight. She is affiliated under Amuse Inc. She is a seiyuu and actress. She is often called Moepii (もえぴー).

In 2014, she won the Amuse Audition 2014 for the Singing and Voice Acting section. Since then she has worked in various commercials and stage plays.

She’s a very shy and modest person and most of the Revue cast teases her for it and encourages her to be more confident in herself. Her personality is quite similar/close to her Revue character, Daiba Nana. They are both innocent but a prankster (sometimes).


Nana-chan is a very cute girl who loves everyone! She's like a mother to all the stage girls! Personally, I wouldn't say my personality is one of a mother, so it was a bit challenging for me to record the anime scenes, I was constantly wondering how I could express a motherly image. I keep studying everyday to be the best version of her. Nana-chan, I'm counting on your support!

Stage girl Daiba Nana
Open stage girl
Open stage girl
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