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Daiba NanaDaiba Nana

Name Daiba Nana
Voice actress Koizumi Moeka
Open voice actress
Open voice actress
School Seisho Music Academy 99th Class
Open school
Open school
Department Actor Training Department
School year 2nd year
Birthday July 12
Astrological sign Astrological sign Cancer
Color #fcd161
Weapon Rinbu (Round Dance) [Meguri (long katana), Mai (short katana) [Circle, Dance]]
Liked food Pork miso soup
Disliked food Anything too spicy
Likes Frog stuff, cooking & baking
Dislikes Being alone
This Stage Girl is the de facto mother of the 99th class, kind and caring to her classmates. Nicknamed "Banana." In addition to singing and dancing, she also shows talent as a director. Still delighted by the group performance of "Starlight" back in her first year.

A tall and gentle stage girl who acts as a mother to all the other students in the 99th Graduating Class. Her nickname is “Banana”. She boasts a great talent not only singing and dancing, but also directing. She still holds very dear the “Starlight” play they all did together during their first year.

Her dream is “If it were possible, to be able to do a play like that one time.”

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