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Name Satou Hinata
Birthday Dec. 23, 1998
25 years old
Astrological sign Astrological sign Capricorn
Blood type AB
Height 159 cm
Specialty Looking for a talent.
Hobbies Walking her dogs; Ribbon and Hana, watching theater plays, reading books.

Sato Hinata (佐藤 日向, First name: Hinata, Last name: Sato) was born December 23rd, 1998 in Yamagata, Japan. She is well-known for her role as Kazuno Leah in the TV anime ‘Love Live Sunshine!’ where she a recurring character part of the sister idol group, Saint Snow.

She is signed under the agency Amuse. She works as a seiyuu, model, as well as a theatre, drama and movie actress. She is commonly called Satohina or Hii-chan by her peers.

She was born in Yamagata, Japan, and then she moved to Niigata when she was in her 3rd year of Grade School.

Her first roles were as early as the age of 8 as a child actress for large companies’ CM’s such as Olympus, Tokyo Gas and Mc Donald’s. She then debuted as an idol for the Japanese girl group Sakura Gakuin in 2010. Sakura Gakuin is an idol group formed by talents between the ages of 10-15 that serves as a training unit for young actresses and singers. She graduated in 2014 because she had felt that being an idol was not for her anymore.

After that she participated in a few theater plays such as the musical ‘Goodbye Girl’ in 2015. She also appeared as a regular in several TV programs such as J:COM’s ‘Okaeri’ and NHK’s ‘Kutsudaru’.

She appeared regularly in the Nihon Television Drama ‘Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku” as Kawamura Satomi, until the show ended.

Her next most important role was announced in 2016 for ‘Love Live Sunshine!’ where she became a regular in the second season during 2017 and gained much popularity.

In early 2017 it was also announced she would be a part of the Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight project playing the role of Hoshimi Junna. Her character’s serious and determined attitude is quite contrasting with her real playful self. At first, when she received the audition for Revue Starlight, she thought “What’s this? This is just normally singing and dancing.” However, she felt a fated meeting with Mimori Suzuko when she watched the theatrical play of Card Fight Vanguard and aimed to stand on stage with Mimori Suzuko. She never expected this dream to be fulfilled so soon.

She is known for going around the backstage or during practice filming and playing pranks on the other members of the cast such as surprising them with her camera and asking them to say something funny within a few seconds. She also likes teasing other members such as Moepii who is very shy during niconamas, or most recently uploading pictures of herself making fun of her Love Live Sunshine!! Season 2 peer, Furihata Ai.

She mentioned in the Revue Starlight Anime Blu-ray Vol. 1 Interview that, she wouldn’t be the Satou Hinata who could play Hoshimi Junna, if Koizumi Moeka wasn’t the Daiba Nana who always stood by her side.


I hope everyone will see how we were able to link the 9 main characters from the stage play to the characters in the anime and their development. I think the animation style from Junna Animation company is very charming, so I'm glad we're working on such a great anime. Thank you!

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Open stage girl
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