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Name Mimori Suzuko
Birthday June 28, 1986
37 years old
Astrological sign Astrological sign Cancer
Blood type AB
Height 160 cm
Specialty Dance (Jazz, Tap, Ballet)
Hobbies Cooking, Theater, Singing, Watching Pro-Wrestling

Mimori Suzuko (三森 すずこ, First name: Suzuko, Last name: Mimori) born in June 28, 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. She is most popular for her role as Sherlock Shellingford in the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series. She is under the agency Hibiki Cast. She is a seiyuu and a singer that has released 2 independent singles last 2013. She is often called Mimorin (みもりん) and Mimo-chan (みもちゃん).

She has been previously active in Stage musicals since she was 18 years old under the name Kurokawa Suzuko (黒川 鈴子) in Mariart Dance Studio. She received an offer from the president of Hibiki Office. She was literally asked “Would you like to try being a seiyuu?” Then she moved offices and became a seiyuu. She was in a unit called ‘Cutie Pai’ called ‘Susie’; which was active from July 2009 to October 2009. She also performed in musical activities and attended variety shows as a member of the seiyuu unit Milky Holmes.

She attended Junior High and High School in a combined Junior High and High School. She was popular enough to have all the buttons of her blazer taken when she graduated from high school.1 She was thinking of taking the exam for Takarazuka when she was a high school freshman. She still had short hair back then, but she had let it grow longer. In the Monthly Seiyuu Grand Prix, she publishes columns and illustrations drawn by herself which are based on letters from readers under the name (A Certain Famous Illustrator――Okuzushi・M・Romi――Okuzushi・Romi)and the name is a reversed romaji of her stage name (Mimori Suzuko). She has appeared as a secret guest in Tokui Sora‘s live event, and was also invited by Inoue Kikuko to join the “Eternally 17 year old” group once she gets to the right age.

The former vice president of Bushiroad, Kurokawa Fumio is her cousin. She attended the same middle school as seiyuu and TRUSTRICK Singer, Kanda Sayaka. They were reunited after seeing each other in Animelo Summer Live 2015 -The GATE-.

Aside for her experience in previously taking a Takarazuka Examination, she is also friends with an already graduated Takarazuka member, Manaka Ayu, whom she will be working with in her 2018 Winter ~ Spring stage play “GEM Club”.

In January of 2018 she confirmed her relationship with the wrestler, Okada Kazuchika or otherwise known as “Rainmaker”. She expresses her gratefulness to her fans who understood her relationship and that they are dating with plans of a future together.


For both the stage play and the anime, the whole cast is working very hard together and recording all the scenes. I'm sure everyone who will watch it will enjoy it. Please watch the anime and the play and you'll see the power of our passion, our friendship, as well as incredible battles and interesting stories!

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