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Kagura HikariKagura Hikari

Name Kagura Hikari
Voice actress Mimori Suzuko
Open voice actress
Open voice actress
School Seisho Music Academy 99th Class
Open school
Open school
Department Actor Training Department (Transferred)
School year 2nd year
Birthday January 8
Astrological sign Astrological sign Capricorn
Color #6292f3
Weapon Caliculus Bright→Blossom Bright
Knife with a rope
Liked food Chocolate, Sanuki udon
Disliked food Jiggly things (pudding, tofu)
Likes Jellyfish, Mr. White
Dislikes Organizing
Karen's childhood friend. A born performer who studied at an acting school in England. Her fate has been linked with Karen's since viewing a performance of "Starlight." Reuniting with her old friend, she is driven by a strong desire to join the mysterious Revue.

She is a natural born stage girl who was Karen’s childhood friend and studied abroad at a Drama School in England. She saw the revue’s “Starlight” with Karen as a child and exchanged “destinies” with her. After reuniting with her she participates in a mysterious revue as if driven by something…

Her dream is “To stand by Karen’s side on stage.”

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