Revue Starlight / Cast / Itou Ayasa

Name Itou Ayasa
Birthday Aug. 17, 1996
27 years old
Astrological sign Astrological sign Leo
Blood type B
Height 150 cm
Specialty Hair arrangement, Kyoto Dialect
Hobbies Watching cooking shows, watching theater plays, playing games.

Itou Ayasa (伊藤彩沙, Last name: Itou, First name: Ayasa) born August 17th, 1996 in Kyoto, Japan. She’s a seiyuu. She is well-known for her roles as Myoujingawa Alice in the TV Anime Futari wa Milky Holmes and as Ichigaya Arisa in the TV Anime BanG Dream! She is the Keyboardist for the BanG Dream! band Poppin’Party or Popipa (ぽっぴん’Party or ぽぴぱ). She also hosts a program with fellow HiBiKi seiyuu Ozaki Yuka and they are called AyaYuka (アヤユカ). She is affiliated with HiBiKi. She is often called Assa (あーさ), Assan (あっさん) by people from her hometown, but most people often called her Ayasa (あやさ) and Ayasa-chan (あやさちゃん), while fellow Poppin’Party band members, Rimi calls her Aya-chan (あやちゃん), and Sae calls her Itou-san (伊藤さん).

She played the piano when she was three years old, but stopped playing it when she reached first year in elementary school, although she says ‘Piano’ it was mostly just an electone. While in middle school, she was made to try a voice acting part in the NHK Studio Park, she aimed to become a seiyuu after being praised for doing a good job at it. In 2010, she tried out for the Milky Holmes Seiyuu Audition Tour, but was knocked out of the at the semi-finals in the Osaka auditions. She loves the all-female musical theater troupe Takarazuka Revue so much, this was due to her grandmother who took her to see a play when she was in 3rd year of middle school, titled “Alger’s Man/Dance Romanesque“. She fell in love with them and continued to watch their plays by herself. She wanted to enter Takarazuka, but was unfortunately too short to fit a role.

In 2013, she quit all her high school club activities to seriously study acting, but a week later, she saw the “Milky Holmes Sisters Auditions” in a magazine by chance. On April 27th of the same year, she was chosen as the winner for that audition among 2000 applicants. There, she was formed in a unit with Aimi and thus the start of Milky Holmes Feathers, the sister-unit to Milky Holmes. She traveled to and from Kyoto to Tokyo during the start of her career, and following her graduation from high school, she moved to Tokyo and lived by herself in 2015.

In 2015, she was cast as Keyboardist for the live band project BanG_Dream! voicing Ichigaya Arisa. In the whole line-up for Poppin’Party she was the only one with the least amount of experience with any instrument, so at first she was having a hard time following with everyone. She practiced everyday, day and night. She said that because she’s with Aimi, whom she has worked with since the start of her career, she was able to brave it through this project. She was good at memorizing things and was able to memorize everything that she needed to, but because she didn’t have a good sense of rhythm everything was tough. There was a time during the rehearsals for their song Star Beat Hoshi no Kodou that she had a hard time following, she walked home while crying. It was because she did not have any instrument background, there were a lot of parts she was very bad at.

In 2017, she was cast as Hanayagi Kaoruko for the theater and live, theater play “Revue Starlight” as part of the 99th Graduating Class. She has always loved Takarazuka and has already appeared in various stage plays in 2016 for Quantum Dolls, and early 2017 for a remake of Quantum Dolls, being the only cast to reprise her role from the 2016 line up. Revue Starlight held their #1 play in August 2017 and January 2018 (Revival). The anime is set to air on Summer 2018, as well as the #2 play to start in October 2018. Revue Starlight is a unique theater play that has two parts. Part 1, the theater play and Part 2, the live performance.

While she was in high school, she was the President of her school’s Theater Club. She was also part of the Choir, they sung songs by GENJI and NMB48. She enjoyed singing and dancing. She loves Hello!Project and its sub-groups. Recently in May 22nd, 2017, she attended Hello!Project’s Buono!’s final live before their disbandment. She has loved them since she was in middle school. She cried a lot during the concert but was glad to be able to watch it.

She tells people that her birth date (8/17) is also called ‘Pineapple Day’ to make it easier to remember. It is one of her dreams to be able to perform in Tokyo Dome, and maybe in the future make her own theater troupe. She loves food and eating; she liked to try out different places for food, she discovered this after she moved to Tokyo. Although it was a time when she gained a lot of weight, and she just followed through with her ‘Marshmallow Girl’ image, she was concerned about gaining weight. She was thankful for the fans for not making fun of her during this time, however she does her best to try and maintain her weight and health.

Aimi said that fellow Poppin’Party band members looked at her like an older sister figure, so she asked Ayasa what she thought of her. Ayasa explains that Aimi is neither an older sister or ‘just a friend’ to her, which Aimi exclaims to that their relationship is of ‘More than Friends but Less than Lovers.’ After asked for Aimi’s ‘good sides’ Ayasa explains that Aimi is good at praising people, and is actually very manly. She confesses that this is probably because she looks at her like her boyfriend.1 She also confessed to liking the same gender and was worried whether it was okay to stay like that or not. Saying that her ideal ‘man’ is someone who is tall, blonde, has regent hairstyle, who wears black tailcoats; which is basically a female who plays a male role in Takarazuka.2

The seiyuu she looks up to is Mimori Suzuko. She has a younger sister. She is currently attending College.


Hanayagi Kaoruko is a beautiful young girl from Kyoto. She's always smiling, but has a devilish style as part of her personality. So sizzling! Her childhood friend Futaba takes good care of her. As her voice actress, I need to make sure I convey these feelings between the 2 characters. I hope I'll be able to perform well... But one thing I know for sure, I'll do it with all my heart!

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