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Isurugi FutabaIsurugi Futaba

Name Isurugi Futaba
Voice actress Ikuta Teru
Open voice actress
Open voice actress
School Seisho Music Academy 99th Class
Open school
Open school
Department Actor Training Department
School year 2nd year
Birthday April 17
Astrological sign Astrological sign Aries
Color #8c67aa
Weapon Determinator
Liked food Meat, cheap candy and snacks
Disliked food Fish
Likes Motorcycles, precise work
Dislikes Having nothing to do
A highly unorthodox Stage Girl who came to Seisho Music Academy along with her childhood friend Kaoruko. Kind-hearted despite her rough words, she takes care of Kaoruko while always griping. Tiny but athletic, she shows deadly aptitude for staged swordfights.

She is Kaoruko’s childhood friend and followed her into Seisho Music Academy. A rebel stage girl with a sharp tongue, who is quite gentle on the inside and even while complaining, her priority will always be Kaoruko’s wellness. Her short stature doesn’t stop her from having a high level of physical ability, she excels in the art of warfare(?) swordsmanship.

Her dream is “As long as it makes Kaoruko happy, then I’m fine with it too.”

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