Revue Starlight / Cast / Ikuta Teru

Name Ikuta Teru
Birthday April 30, 1991
33 years old
Astrological sign Astrological sign Taurus
Blood type B
Height 160 cm
Specialty Sports in General, has a Level 1 degree in Trampoline Jumping
Hobbies Going for walks, watching anime

Ikuta Teru (生田 輝, First name: Teru, Last name: Ikuta) was born April 30th, 1991 in Osaka, Japan. She is signed under the agency Queen’s Avenue. She works mainly as a theatre and drama actress, but has made her debut as a seiyuu with her role in the TV Anime version of ‘Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight’. She mentions quite often that becoming a seiyuu has been a dream she has had since she was a child. She is often called Terurin(てるりん).

She had a few minor roles starting 2013 in a couple of theatre plays and her first big role was on 2015’s ‘Tenkousei’ with PARCO Production. That same year she made her TV Drama debut in TBS’s ‘Kounodori’. During 2015 she also made her movie debut in Tokyo’s International Lesbian and Gay Movie Festival as the main character in ‘Akigire’, a movie which featured a troubled bisexual girl trying to understand her feelings while dealing with her disapproving mother. She wrote in her blog that even though her character, Satsuki, didn’t actually manage to find herself by the end of the film she trusted that she knew she would eventually find her own real happiness.

In 2016 she had a few minor TV drama roles and some bigger theater roles in plays such as ‘Yokohama Graffiti’.

It was during early 2017 that it was announced she would become a part of the Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight project as Isurugi Futaba, a rowdy and tomboyish girl who is childhood friends with Hanayagi Kaoruko (Itou Ayasa).

Her character’s slightly ikemen-ish appeal fits in perfectly with her real self since she often tends to flirt with many girls of the cast herself. Since her partner in the play is Itou Ayasa they’re often seen together when practicing and appear to have developed a close bond, mainly from Teru’s side since she talks much about Ayasa and praises her on Twitter quite often.

She also likes to interact with her followers on Twitter quite often and makes Q&A sessions every few weeks.

Her newest theater role will be in the play ‘Gorilla’ on April 2018, where she will star as one of the main characters. In this play she will act alongside Nishimoto Rimi who is known for her role as Ushigome Rimi in ‘Bang Dream!’. To celebrate her reaching 5000 followers in twitter, she was allowed to make her official Instagram on July 19th, 2018.


Boyish and cool looking Futaba! The cutest point of Futaba from the anime is, of course, how small she is! As it's my first time voice-acting, the other girls help me a lot. I'll be glad to see that you enjoy the anime and the stage play too!

Stage girl Isurugi Futaba
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Open stage girl
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