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Name Tomita Maho
Birthday June 1, 1987
37 years old
Astrological sign Astrological sign Gemini
Blood type A
Height 157 cm
Specialty Tap Dance, Jazz Dance
Hobbies Reading manga and appreciating stage plays

Tomita Maho (富田 麻帆, First name: Maho, Last name: Tomita) born June 1st, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. She is well-known for her portrayal of Sakuraba Milfeulle for the Galaxy Angel musical series. She is affiliated under Suns Entertainment. She is a gravure model, actress, singer, and seiyuu. She is often called Maho-nee (麻帆姉), Mahomaho (まほまほ) and Tomitama (とみたま). She plays and voices Tendo Maya in Revue Starlight.

She was part of the Futsal team “Carezza” for quite a while until she quit in 2007. She is quite close with her fellow co-actresses for the Galaxy Angel musicals for they were together for 3 years. She also used to be a part of a band but it didn’t last for a long time.


Maya is an incredible character! I love her and I'll do my best to aim for the top and I will put all my effort into it! As I look around me, I see everyone in the staff being so kind and strict at the same time. I really like them so... I find them cute. Haha. We're currently recording the anime scenes and I hope we will be able to convey to all of you the charms of the characters! Let's make everyone be part of our Starlight!

Stage girl Tendo Maya
Open stage girl
Open stage girl
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