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[color=blue] Revue starlight fan since accoument of the franchise. [/color]

Though that would make it 2017, Though I am used to people not believing that. So let’s say 2018

[color=purple] I also play LLSIF, LLSIFAS, BanG Dream! Girls band party, But none of them are as fun as Revue Starlight -Re LIVE- [/color]

My favorite Seiyuu is Mimorin. 100 percent she has been for at least half of my life already.

[color=blue] Birthday on my profile may or may not be real, I am not allowed to share it from my parents. [/color]

[color=purple] I lost my account from 2019 global November first 2020. So I have to start from the beginning again. This time I will set a transfer code and wrote down the account information. [/color]

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