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Revue Starlight -The LIVE- #2 Transition Full Story Report

Hello everyone! This is the Revue Twitter Correspondent! As promised, we will be now doing a run down of the #2 Transition’s full story! However, as promised, we will be summarizing it below as well, for those who does not want to see spoilers. Since this is formatted as a blog post, story tenses and nouns may be weird. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask us!

Story Summary

‘Starlight’, the play had just ended for the 100th Seisho Festival. Seiran General Arts Institute, who had been invited to watch the play felt frustrated for how bright Seisho was during their play. Thus, with an agreement between Seiran’s teacher, Yakumo Kyoko and Souda-sensei, the Cultural Exchange Program begins. Mahiru and Nana’s past were prodded on as well as Tendou Maya’s and Isurugi Futaba’s Loyalty to the school. Seiran set to take ‘Starlight’ as their own. In the end, everyone combined their powers and show that all of them can shine on stage, as Yakumo-sensei leaves Seisho alone with her students from Seiran. Then the students of Seisho prepares for the 101st Seisho Festival, everyone aiming for the main characters, once more.

If you are curious of the detailed story, don’t forget to click read more below! SPOILERS AHEAD PLEASE BE WARNED.

[Seisho Cast in their 'Starlight' outfits]

The play starts with the ‘Starlight’ play. The exact same way it was executed in the anime but with a different song. Hikari and Karen are glad to have been able to play the Claire and Flora. As the curtain closes, the 9 Starlight cast talks about next year, it will be different. That they will be the main character this time.

99th Starlight Cast performs 3-5-7-1-0 once again and the intro ends.

[The Seiran General Arts Institute Cast: From left, Honami Hisame (Played by: Kadoyama Yoko), Yanagi Koharu (Played by: Nanaki Kanon), Minase Suzu (Played by: Tsukui Minami) and Yakumo Kyoko (Played by: Kobayashi Yuka).]

On the right side of the stage (walking alongside the audience seats), the 3 members of Seiran General Arts Institute’s Drama Club enters. Yanagi Koharu (Girl with her hair on the side, Member Color: Red), the genius from Seiran, reads the 100th Seisho Festival Pamphlet, as the two other members, Honami Hisame (Ponytailed Girl, Member Color: Yellow) and Minase Suzu (No Bangs, short hair, Member Color: Green). Suzu talks about how amazing and bright the Starlight play was and would love to play it too. Hisame tells her the truth that there is only the three of them, and they cannot do that large play. Suzu says that the truth is she’s very frustrated, instead Koharu jabs that she is being noisy, whereas Suzu apologizes. Soon their club’s teacher, Yakumo Kyoko-sensei, arrives. She asks her students if they’ve been motivated by Seisho. She tells everyone that that motivation is good because they will be doing the Cultural Exchange Program as approved by Souda-sensei. The three Seiran girls ask what do they gain from this, and Yakumo-sensei simplifies it by saying “Take great things with your own hands.”

The school day after the 100th Seisho Festival, Junna, the ever serious Class President arrives in class… only to see that nobody is there. She gets angry and frustrated at how no one is prepared for the Cultural Exchange Program. Still frustrated, she starts the roll call by herself. Junna’s new roll call includes her ‘My Own Star’ (or jibunboshi), this time. After finishing she grows sad and frustrated once more as she shouts at the empty classroom at how she has been boycotted.

Mahiru and Nana enters as Junna was in the middle of her solo monologue. Junna coughs and fixes her uniform. Mahiru talks about how great Junna-chan is for being so prepared. Nana reveals that Junna was actually very nervous she couldn’t sleep well. Junna tells her to stop saying unnecessary things and urges her to start her roll call. Nana’s new roll call is basically still the same, but she keeps her maiden heart, and will proceed to everyday, making everything Bananice~

Mahiru’s roll call is also something new to the slight extent that she is a bit more confident in herself now. Soon, Futaba enters the classroom while piggyback carrying Kaoruko who was holding her wooden sword. Futaba mentions about being hyped to show the new students her skills and starts her roll call. Like always, Kaoruko isn’t sure about what’s going on… and Mahiru teases her that maybe she’s just nervous, Nana thinks that it is a good thing. Futaba takes a tease to Kaoruko as well saying that she’s a very shy person to strangers… while Kaoruko denies such blasphemous things. She finishes her roll call on the promise of world domination.

Here enters Saijou Claudine and Tendou Maya, as Claudine sarcastically says Maya’s jump was great as always. Maya criticizes Claudine’s jump as Claudine blamed her misstep onto her. Junna tried to make the two of them calm down, but Claudine ignored Junna and continued onto her roll call. However, after Claudine finished, Tendou Maya tells her that in the end she will still be #1 and starts her roll call as well.

As Claudine continued to pester Maya on the side, Hikari arrived and Mahiru asks her where she was earlier. Hikari said she was doing self-practice. Junna tells her to do her roll call as Hikari sings her new friendly roll call to the tune of Jeanne D’Arc. By some sort of miracle, Hikari tells everyone Karen was doing self-practice with her, and Karen arrives on stage carrying her Starlight costume. Junna calls for her to do her roll call, enthusiastically Karen obliges.

Mahiru picks up the outfit Karen just brought and was wondering why she had it… that is until everyone realizes that Class B was doing maintenance on the outfit. Class B department suddenly comes running down to the stage, walking alongside the audience seats as they scold and get angry at Karen for taking the costume with her instead of returning it. Junna thanks and apologizes to Class B for always taking care of the stage and their outfits, and apologize to please forgive Karen for being like this. They all then line up and sing a Class B and Class A song, soon after they perform a Seisho Music Academy anthem.

Once Class B returns to maintenance the outfits, Mahiru brings up that soon the fight will begin again. Karen says that the fighting is over, but Claudine says that they need to up their game and take the main role for the next Starlight play. Kaoruko jabs that maybe Karen and Hikari does not understand, because they’ve already played the lead roles. Junna, Claudine, Maya, Kaoruko, Futaba starts singing a song about going ‘Over the Top’ and being able to play the lead role. After the song, Souda-sensei arrives clapping at their performance.

[The first one minute of this covers the part below this video.]

Everyone lines up on the stairs to greet Souda-sensei, who tells them that the students from Seiran has arrived. Junna greets them in a friendly way and urges all students to bow them a welcome, but Koharu ignores her and talks about their Starlight performance. Junna complains to Nana that she had been ignored, as Nana tries to comfort her by holding her hand. Suzu calls out to Mahiru, as Mahiru, surprised, greets her. Suzu was glad to see she was energetic. Koharu then greets and faces Tendou Maya. Maya says that she has heard so much about her and looked forward to this meeting and shakes Koharu’s hand, much to Junna and Karen’s surprise… as well as Claudine’s. Seeing Tendou Maya being interested in other people.

Nana also approaches Hisame and knew she would meet her once again some day. Karen was surprised that they knew each other too and shakes Hisame’s hand as she admires how pretty they are.

Soon Yakumo-sensei enters and was introduced by Souda-sensei. She is Souda-sensei’s junior during their time in Seisho together.  Yakumo sensei greeted Souda as senpai, to the surprise of Seisho girls. Then she went for a monologue about how she misses and admired the Seisho uniform and atmosphere, before the mood takes a dark turn and Souda-sensei left. Yakumo-sensei then assumes to test Seisho’s radiance as they start singing a song introducing Seiran. All four of them sing at the start, but Yakumo-sensei later exits to let her three students take it away. While singing, Seisho was evidently being pushed away, overpowered as they fought against Seiran. Once the song ends, Koharu says that they didn’t feel the same radiance they saw. Suzu also energetically says that whatever she felt watching Starlight wasn’t there at all. Hisame says that they aren’t anything special at all. Koharu concludes today’s Cultural Exchange Program, saying that they may not get anything out of them from here on. Suzu excitedly bids them goodbye.

Seisho got wiped. Everyone is frustrated. Karen says that it’s so amazing that there are amazing people like them. Maya laments about how she couldn’t even do a single thing… they couldn’t do anything, and walks away. Kaoruko jokes that maybe it just isn’t their day. Futaba says that it just shows how weak they are. Everyone leaves as Junna tells that Karen and Hikari, who already played a leading role, couldn’t probably understand their feelings who has not played a heroine role.

Hikari starts singing dear my pain, as each of the 9 Starlight Cast laments about their pain. Mahiru and Nana being binded by the past, Junna whose efforts are unrivaled but not being enough, Futaba who couldn’t become stronger… as well as Karen and Hikari’s woes of not knowing what to do because they’ve already fulfilled their dream.

Karen’s phone plays the ki-ringtone. At the backdrop behind, Maya faces Yanagi Koharu as they receive a text from the Giraffe’s audition. Karen, surprised, exits the stage.

Yakumo-sensei waits around as Futaba jogs with her wooden sword. Yakumo stops her and asks her if she really is good at fighting, then she should prove it to her. Maybe she is the best, but only in Seisho, but once she’s outside in the real world, everything will be different. Futaba fights Yakumo-sensei and suffers a very painful defeat. Futaba gets frustrated at how weak she was… Yakumo monologue about how she was similar to Futaba back in the day thinking she's the strongest then tempts her saying she can witness the wider world and become even stronger in Seiran. Before Futaba could give a reply… she receives a message from the Giraffe’s audition, and runs away hurt as she carries her sword and the scene ends.

Souda-sensei arrives as she sings about the struggles of stage. She mentions that stage girls will not lose so easily, as the Giraffe’s audition begins once again. Seiran and the Chorus gets on stage and sings Show Must Go on with Souda-sensei.

[This video below shows the start of the Revue battles, as well as Tendou Maya's loss to Yanagi Koharu.]

Seisho’s 99th Starlight Cast arrives after now wearing their Revue outfits, except for Karen, who is surprised the Giraffe’s audition is starting once more. With the Cultural Exchange, Yakumo-sensei proposes a handicap to the weak Seisho students and that her school only has 3 students. They are to have a team match. 2 from Seisho versus 1 from her’s. The Giraffe agrees to this proposition and the revues begin once more.

[Team Battle Round 1] Minase Suzu vs Tsuyuzaki Mahiru & Kagura Hikari

Suzu with her double handed buster sword swings it around as she says she looked forward to fighting Mahiru. Hikari asks Mahiru if she was her friend, and Mahiru hesitantly says yes. Souda-sensei announces the battle’s theme.

[Revue of Summer Sky (Natsuzora)]

Mahiru looked at the revue theme in fear as Suzu starts telling her story. During their third year in middle school, Suzu had someone she really wanted to beat. Suzu was the ace of the cheerleader club and wanted to take on baton and asked Mahiru to teach her. Mahiru shouts for her to stop as she runs away and Hikari chases after her calling her name.

[Team Battle Round 2] Yanagi Koharu vs Tendou Maya & Saijou Claudine

Claudine starts it out by complaining why she must be paired with Tendou Maya. Koharu asks for the revue theme.

[Revue of Spring Thunder (Shunrai)]

Maya rejoices as the Spring Thunder is perfect for her and Koharu and says that she has looked forward to this moment and Koharu says the same. They cross swords, Maya’s rapier vs Koharu’s arm mounted sword with a shield. Claudine complains that she should be invited into this fight as well and joins. Claudine senses Maya’s hesitation and tells her to take things seriously. Maya hesitates to cut down Koharu, and Koharu finds it interesting, and leave.

[Team Battle Round 3] Honami Hisame vs Daiba Nana & Hoshimi Junna

Nana and Junna enter the scene as Nana tells Hisame that she was prepared, that she knew that eventually, they would have to fight each other. Hisame is happy of her preparation. Souda-sensei announces the theme of the revue.

[Revue of First Snow (Hatsuyuki)]

Nana was surprised by the theme. She took a few steps back as she looked at Hisame with a pained expression. Junna asks Nana what their relationship is, Nana says they were in the same Drama club but Hisame denies it immediately and says that she was a member of the Chorus Club. Junna says that their past does not concern her and she just wanted to battle properly, however she notices Nana isn’t being herself and is spacing out. Hisame teases Nana as she mentions about Nana’s experience standing on stage alone. Nana says that she invited Hisame to the Drama club despite knowing she was in the Chorus club... However Hisame refused Nana’s invitation, and Nana says that she does not hold a grudge against her about it. Nana says half way that she didn’t think she betrayed her! That it was her fault the Hisame’s Chorus Club didn’t go well… That until now she waits for Hisame to stand on stage together with her. Junna grabs Nana’s hand and asks her to snap out of it, and tries her best to protect Nana from Hisame and the Chorus, without saying anything else, they exit the stage.

Koharu, Maya and Claudine enter once more as they fight. Claudine says Maya better not pull her down for this battle. Maya repeats the line in sarcasm, and proceeds to lose the battle against Koharu. In silence, Maya picks up her cloak and her sword, and exits the stage. Koharu bows at Claudine and thanks her as they leave. Claudine begins a monologue that Tendou Maya won’t lose here. That she won’t lose this way!

Mahiru & Hikari reappears against Suzu. Suzu asks Mahiru why does she fight, what does she fight for? Mahiru hesitates as Hikari tells her that their futures are tied together, and that they are here to become the a star. Mahiru cheers up and remembers that she wants to become the a star and make everyone smile.

Yakumo-sensei and Souda-sensei oversees the battle as Yakumo-sensei praises Kagura Hikari, as expected. Souda-sensei tells Yakumo-sensei that it isn’t easy to defeat her stage girls.

Suzu points her sword at Mahiru, and asks her “What about my dream!?” tells once more that during the competition she really had a rival she wanted to beat… so she asked Mahiru to help her out… but then, as she tossed the baton, she looked up to the midnoon sun, and then everything went black. She lost consciousness… She feigns falling forward as Mahiru drops her mace and catches her, then she continues that during then, wasn’t able to participate anymore. She wanted so much to stand on the same stage as Mahiru… but then, Mahiru let that dream be taken from her… Suzu lifts her sword and says that it doesn’t matter what form it would take… she takes Mahiru’s cloak and drops it to the floor. She’d take any form if it meant being able to stand on stage with Mahiru.

Yakumo-sensei rejoices as the two of her students won their battles. She cheers on Hisame.

Nana and Junna appears once more as Nana tells Hisame that she doesn’t think of her as a traitor… That she’s sorry that the things didn’t  do well with the chorus club… Junna aims her arrow towards Hisame and hesitates as she looked at Nana. She shoots the arrow on the wall and lets it bounce around as she tells Nana that,  “If the world is colorless, then just put color on it!”. Junna’s words snaps out Nana from her misery and agrees. Hisame struggles to dodge Junna’s arrows as she drops her warpick and Nana cuts her cloak down. Hisame picks up her cloak and weapon as she worries about losing… but Nana tells her that she didn’t cut her down to lose. She cut her down for a brighter, much colorful future! Nana extends her hand and tells her that they will make a colorful stage together. Junna tells Nana that she should invite her to star in that play should Nana make one, and Nana tells her of course. Hisame looks at Nana’s hand as the battle ends.

Yakumo-sensei is quite disappointed that Daiba Nana’s past couldn’t defeat her. However, the battles does not end here. Souda-sensei says that the next one is something Yakumo-sensei looked forward to…

[Team Battle Round 4] Isurugi Futaba vs Hanayagi Kaoruko

Kaoruko exclaims why this battle has ended like this!? Why are they fighting again!? Futaba says that she’s here to become stronger, so she must overcome her.

[Revue of Heat Haze (Kagerou)]

Karen appears, still in her uniform, and protests that their comrades fighting each other is wrong! Yakumo-sensei tells her that someone who thought of them as comrades is now betraying them, because Futaba is now under Seiran. Karen says that Futaba won’t do this and that there is definitely a good reason for this.

As Futaba and Kaoruko battled, Kaoruko tells Futaba that she will not forgive such treachery and shouts “FUTABA!” instead of “Futaba-han.”

Souda-sensei announced the next rounds of battle.

[Team Battle Round 5] Hikari, Junna, Nana vs Suzu, Hisame, Mahiru

Suzu exclaims that she’s happy just to be able to stand on the same stage as Mahiru.

[Team Battle Round 6] Karen, Claudine vs Koharu, Maya

Maya exclaims that at least, the two strongest are now on the same side. Frustrated, Claudine asks if this was her aim after all this time, and Maya aggressively tells her “I wonder?”

Souda-sensei then tells Karen, that in choosing a play, and in playing in a play, what does matter? Is it the feelings in her heart? Or the feelings of those who watch the play for them? It is what the Giraffe desires. As the new revue begins as if a battle royale.

[Start at 1:25 for Gunjou.]

[Revue of Ultramarine (Gunjou)]

Everyone battles on stage. Junna and Nana sings to Mahiru saying that, the bond she shares with Suzu is okay, that it’s okay to accept it, that everything will be fine. Claudine sings to Maya that betrayal is unforgivable, as Kaoruko sings to Futaba that when did she become someone she didn’t understand…

After Gunjou ends, Yakumo-sensei says that her students has proved their worth, and that she already has Mahiru and Maya… so why won’t Hikari and Karen join her as well? Koharu asks why did it have to be like that? Hisame says that Hikari and Karen are the mains for Seisho’s Starlight, that is not right. Yakumo-sensei reminds them once again,  the words she said. To “Take what is great.” and thus from the start, the point of the whole Cultural Exchange Program, was for Yakumo-sensei to obtain and convince Hikari and Karen to go to Seiran. That the three students have no chance at playing Starlight, or the lead of Starlight. Yakumo-sensei says that it’s because the three of them are too careful around each other, that they’re afraid to step on someone else, that someone might get left behind and so, she has to do something to make Seiran more powerful.

Karen says that using other people is ‘Non Non Dayo’, and says that all of these are wrong. Karen gets reborn, using the animation sequence of her transformation, and goes back into the stage in her revue outfit. Yakumo-sensei is happy that finally, she has shown the radiance she has longed to see. Koharu then realizes that if they could just beat Karen, then everything will be better. Karen faces Yakumo-sensei and tells her that, everyone is in the middle of reaching for their dreams. That a stage girl is doing what she can, to reach her dreams, and that controlling other people, and stepping on other people to do that is not right. That they are all stage girls, and that they have their own radiance that they can show, and prove, that they can shine on their own.

Souda-sensei then reminds Yakumo-sensei of something that they had to overcome before. The Black Chorus. Everyone then starts to use each other’s powers and battle the Black Chorus. If the Black Chorus defeats you, you lose all your radiance.

Futaba apologizes to Kaoruko and promises that she’ll be stronger… but Kaoruko tells her that, they can become strong together. They defeat some Black Chorus and then Futaba says that she finally remembered the reason why she wanted to become stronger. Kaoruko tells her that they’re still on their way to conquer the world together.

Maya, Claudine, and Koharu fight the Black Chorus as Claudine is still angry at Maya for betraying. Koharu then reveals that it was as planned because Maya wanted to test how much Claudine has improved and she cannot do that if they were on the same side, and now they are invincible. Claudine, surprised, “Is that so? Mechante va!” and happy, while Maya gets angry and embarrassed. “Yanagi Koharu, I will never forgive you!” She slashes and defeats every single Black Chorus, and stands on the top of the stairs. “This is Tendou Maya.”

The three exit as Mahiru and Suzu fights together. Mahiru calls to Suzu, and Suzu tells her that she can go back to Seisho. Mahiru hesitates, but Nana tells her that keeping your bond with your pasts is a good thing, and Suzu says that even if it was just for a short moment, she’s glad she was able to stand on the same stage as Mahiru.

Soon Mahiru and Suzu leaves as Nana and Hisame enters battle. Hisame says that, the reason she didn’t go to the play was not because Nana invited her or that it was a bad thing, but it was because she thought that she’d hinder Nana’s play. Hisame gets hit and falls to the floor, Nana protects her as she tells her, that Hisame couldn’t have ruined it for her, because her voice has saved her so many times in the past. Hisame tells Nana that she regretted it, that she may have viewed her as a traitor, but Nana affirms once more that she didn’t think that. They get cornered by the Black Chorus and Karen appears to save them. Nana smiles as she’s happy to see Karen. Hisame says that Nana has made great comrades. Karen tells her that, Hisame-chan is a comrade too!

Yakumo-sensei who feels the heat of the battle, also asks to join as she fights against the stage girls as well. They battle for a long time, as everyone else joins as well. Hikari and Junna are back to back as Junna tells Hikari. “I’ve discovered something.” “What is it?” “The fact that I really love Seisho.” Hikari then return it as well. “I’ve discovered something lately too.” “What is it?” “The fact that I really love Seisho!” as they battled side by side together. Everyone else joins them on stage and, later Junna shoots an arrow to the sky and puts down the Black Chorus with a rain of arrows, who just stands up once again.

Yakumo-sensei tells them that she knew that they couldn’t be easily defeated… but she experiences a change of heart. She says that… the current Seisho students weren’t like her in the past. That this time… maybe they can prove theirselves. Yakumo-sensei then says that as Seisho’s 76th Class Member, she’d like to test everyone’s radiance!

The battle continues as 99 Illusion starts playing with Yakumo-sensei and Black Chorus vs Seiran and Seisho combined.

Soon Seiran/Seisho defeats the Black Chorus and Yakumo-sensei, and they congratulate them for proving their radiance. Seiran thanks Seisho for the lessons they’ve learned during the Cultural Exchange Program, and that it was very fun.

Suzu says that she was happy to be able to stand on stage with Mahiru, even if it was just once. Maya shakes Koharu’s hand for the last time and returns to Claudine’s side.

Hisame says that she looks forward to meet each other once again in the future. Kaoruko then drags Futaba by the hem of her revue outfit and throws her towards Seiran. “If you don’t have enough people we will lend you Futaba-han for studies.” Futaba goes back to Kaoruko’s side and apologizes endlessly for making her angry.

Hikari then steps forward to say that she aims to be the main actress next year for Starlight as well, and Junna asks her if it really was the right time to say that. Maya mentioned that she would even let them stand on the position zero while Koharu mentions that they will also do Starlight with her as the main character.

Seiran then bows them thank you, as Junna leads, not ignored this time, and thanks them as well.

Yakumo-sensei and Souda-sensei haves a moment, as Souda-sensei praises Yakumo-sensei. “You’ve grown quite splendid.” She asks what if Seiran had won the revue? Souda-sensei tells her that, if Seiran were to win is a real possibility, because if the end was fixed, then otherwise it wouldn’t be a real stage play. Yakumo smiles with the words she received and bids goodbye as she left.

Kaoruko sneaks to leave school because she was tired… but Junna catches her and tells her that she understands she’s tired, but classes need to start soon, because the preparations for 101st Seisho Festival should begin again. Everyone talks about how important the next one is for their growth, and that Hikari says that just because she played the main character once, she’s not satisfied. She wants to be the main again next year. Claudine tells her she won’t give her a handicap, and that’s just how Hikari wants it. Maya isn’t gonna hear the end of it from Claudine, while Kaoruko and Futaba reconciles. Junna tells everyone something that are of her own words as Nana smiled at her. Thus, is the start of the new days for Seisho Music Academy as they prepare for the next stage.

-Glittering Stars-

[The End]

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