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August 09, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)

    New Content "Challenge Revue"

New content "Challenge Revue" has started today, August 9th!...

New Content "Challenge Revue"

New content "Challenge Revue" has started today, August 9th!

■ Period

August 9th 16:00JST

※This game mode is permanent.

■ What is Challenge Review?

Challenge Revue is a revue where the most difficult BOSS stage girls appears.

A total of four powerful stage girls grace the stage. Three stage girls and a BOSS stage girl.

For this month, victory against the stage girls allows you to collect "Round Table Certificates (Lancelot)" that you collect o get 4☆ [Lancelot] Tsuyuzaki Mahiru!

■ How to play "Challenge Revue"

① Challenge a Stage Girl who plays as the enemy.

You can challenge the BOSS after winning against the 3 powerful stage girls.

You can challenge the normal stage girls in any order.

※ Challenge Revue does not consume Stamina

② Organize your units

You can challenge 4 times against 4 stage girls.

Once started, stage girls, memoirs and revue songs cannot be reorganized until it is reset.

※Damage done to enemies will continue when you challenge them again until you reset it.

※After resetting, the stage girl, memoir and songs will be available for reorganization.

③ Get "Round Table Certificates (Lancelot)"

If you win against the three stage girls and the BOSS you can get "Round Table Certificates (Lancelot)". You can also obtain them by completing quests.

④ Get 4☆ [Lancelot] Tsuyuzaki Mahiru

Exchange for the card in the store using the certificates. You can also use them to change for crystals.

■ Special Acts

In "Challenge Revue" the enemies performs special acts.

/- Opening Act

At the start of the revue, the enemy activates an ACT before the player gets to select an ACT panel.

/- End ACT

Enemies activate an ACT at the end of a specific turn.

■ About enemy stage girls Enemy stage girls will only appear in "Challenge Revue". The attributes and elements of the Stage Girls will change once the rewards change.

■ Reset Function You can use the reset status to challenge many times.

※You can reset as much as you can.

※Rewards acquired will not reset.

■ Reward Reset

The following "Rewards" will not change for a certain period. Once you've finished all the items, they will be reset together with your clear reset, when you press the reset button to refresh the stage girls.