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June 19, 2019 08:33:39 +0000 (UTC)


Scheduled Patch - June 24th, 2019 - Patch Notes

■ Content

- Skill Panel Rank 8 and 9 & 3rd Auto Skill to be added.

- New Feature: Unit Skills

- Unit Formation Costs increased

- Adjusted the amount of Stargems required to recover Stamina.

- Coin Search Daily Event will have a new difficulties.

■ Update Commemorative Event

- Login to the game and get free 3000stargems. (Can only be redeemed once).

Redeeming Period: June 25th 5:00JSt until Jul 2nd 4:59JST

■ Skill Panel Rank 8 and 9 & 3rd Auto Skill

- In order to complete Skill Panel Ranks 8 and 9, the pieces will be available from the Main Story 7-6 onwards.

- To get the 3rd Auto Skill, unlock Rank 9.

Events to farm rare gemtsones and pieces will be held in the near future.

■ Unit Skills

Unit Skills are skills that affect not only your chosen stage girl, but all the stage girls in the same unit in the organization.

Unit Skills will be added to all stage girls with a default rarity of 3☆ and 4☆

Example of Unit Skill Effect

- 10% Increased ACT Power for Flower Element Stage Girls

- 10% Increased ACT Power of all Stage Girls from Frontier Arts Academy

- 10% Increased Normal Defense for Stage Girls Standing in the Front Position

Unit Skills can be leveled up to Level 21 and their effects will increase.

There are two ways to level them up.

- Level up using Creation Jewels.

- Level up by using duplicates of the same Stage Girl.

If you receive the same Stage Girl after rolling a duplicate in the gacha, their Unit Skill will be leveled up automatically.

※You will still receive Creation Jewels upon drawing a duplicate in the gacha.

※To those who will roll a duplicate Stage Girl before June 24th 17:00 will also have their Unit Skills level up automatically once you login the game after the patch.

Unit Skills does not affect the currently on going Star Performance. It will be added in the next season of Star Performance.

■ Unit Formation COST Limit Increased

COST will be increased by 20 from the current limit. COST increase for Star Performance will be added to the next season.

■ Adjustment to Stargems required for recovering Stamina

The amount has been reduced after the 4th one onwards.

1st to 5th Reset = 80 Stargems

6th to 10th Reset = 120 Stargems

11th to 20th Reset = 160 Stargems

21st to 30th Reset = 240 Stargems

■ New Coin Search Difficulties

- Difficulties 05, 06 and 07 will be added.

- Number of resets per day is still the same.