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Revue “Starlight Theater” 2nd Single Release - Apr. 7th Talk Show and Mini Live - Event Report

Revue “Starlight Theater” Second Single Release Talk show and Mini Live event Report

April 7th (Afternoon and Night Sessions)

Cast members:

Koyama Momoyo (Aijo Karen)

Mimori Suzuko (Kagura Hikari)

Ikuta Teru (Isurugi Futaba)

Itou Ayasa (Hanayagi Kaoruko)

  1. About the event

  2. Opinions on the Single

  3. Games

* Guessing the Answer

* Keeping a Conversation

* Making a Stage play
  1. Live

  1. About the Event

This was a release event for Revue Starlight’s Kukugumi second single; ‘Starlight Theater’. The application could be done with the codes that came with the CD if you did a fully paid reservation before the launch.

There were three events the same day, midday, afternoon and night and depending on which store you bought the CD you would get into the lottery for a different time slot. I attended to the second and third events.

  1. Opinions on the single

The event itself was composed of two parts, first a talk show where the girls would speak about the single and their opinions on it as well as playing games to get more “Kirameki points”.

The second part consisted on a mini-live where they would sing a special arrangement made for the single so it could be sang and danced with only the four of them.

Upon entering the event (in order according to the number in the mails they sent to the winners) we would not only get our mail checked but also we had to show an ID with our name and face picture so they could tick us off the list of invited people.

Inside there was a small hallway where they had prepared the Revival Play goods so anyone could buy them before entering the hall where the event would take place. I saw many people buying stuff, I also bought a second blade so I could have both Ayasa and Teru’s colors at the same time.

The talk show begun with the girls introducing themselves and talking about the single.

They all agreed that the ‘Circle of the Revue’ is the most difficult song yet (along with Star Divine). This appears to be because of the fact that the choreography especially hard, they have to do a lot of moving around the stage. Ayasa also mentioned she feels it’s quite a sexy song (they have some hand movements over their legs which are indeed quite sexy). She also said that she would like everyone to focus on that in their performance because every girl does it differently and their own character’s personality shows.

Then they talked about ‘Kirameki no Ari ka’. They said it is their cutest song, and Teru added that she thought Futaba would have a hard time performing it, since she isn’t used to acting like that so she would try to be as cute as she could.

After that they talked about the main song in the single, ‘Starlight Theater’ and said that the part in which they sing “Kira kira, kira kira” every girl also sings it differently. Claudine sings it in a way it shows her French accent, Futaba pretty much shouts it, Hikari sings it quietly, etc.

  1. Games

Then they entered the game part of the event.

Koyama proceeded to explain that by doing so they could collect ‘Kirameki points’. It is something that they started doing in their last youtube stream which consists in playing games to get (eventually) 99 points and ‘somewhere, sometime, something good could happen’.

According to Satohina the producers told her they would take them to a yakiniku but they never did, so then the reward for getting points could be yakiniku for everyone.

In the third event time slot, while Momoyo was explaining about the points Ayasa was jumping around in her chair (when everyone noticed she tried to explain that she was too short to reach the floor with her feet, which was very noticeable, and that she just wanted to move to a more comfortable position).

  • Guessing the Answer

The first game was one in which there would be a participant who would answer a question, write it down onto a notepad and then the other 3 would ask 9 questions to try and guess the answer.

After that they would also write their answers down and in the end they would all show the answer at the same time. Even if only one of the girls got it right they would all get a point.

During the second event the participant was Teru and she was asked about her favourite school event. They were all puzzled because when she answered their questions she said it was an activity done inside, in the middle of winter, and that they didn’t necessarily moved all their bodies but only the upper part. In the end only Ayasa and Mimorin got it right (even though Ayasa had guessed ‘Salad Chicken’ first as a joke to tease Teru). The correct answer was a game called ‘Hyaku-nin Isshu’ that is very popular in Japan, Teru’s school did it as a schoolwide event during elementary.

In the third event Ayasa was the one who would be answering. The question was “Which of the girls in the cast has the biggest gap between her real personality and her character?”.

While Ayasa thought about her answer Teru asked if they were allowed to ask Ayasa “Is it me?” to get a direct answer. Momoyo said that it would be a problem if the answer was said right away since the rules say they’d still have to ask 9 questions in total so they wouldn’t know what to talk ask after that. Mimorin said that they have to make it interesting so they probably shouldn’t ask boring questions.

Then the game begun and the first question from Momoyo was if the person was tall, Ayasa said “I don’t know”. Everyone laughed and Ayasa explained that she actually didn’t really know since everyone was taller than her so she couldn’t judge who was taller and shorter between the rest of them. The same happened when they asked if the person in question was from Osaka, Ayasa said she didn’t know either, but that she looked like she might be.

After many unsuccessful questions they managed to discard the rest of the girls and all three answered Maho-nee (Tomita Maho) which was the right answer.

Ayasa said she did feel she was the girl with the biggest gap in character since she is a very fun and easy going girl who loves talking as though she’s in a musical which is quite different from Maya-sama. They also got a point in that round.

  • Keeping a Conversation

The next game was one in which a pair of the girls were chosen and they had to manage a conversation as naturally as possible while the girl behind them would write different commands they had to carry out while talking. During the afternoon event the chosen ones were Mimorin and Ayasa. While Teru would give the commands to Ayasa and Momoyo to Mimorin.

It started pretty normal with Momoyo making Mimorin use –nyan at the end of every word, then Teru made Ayasa talk like a samurai. After that they made them say what they liked best about each other’s characters, but then Teru went out of her way to enjoy her power and make Ayasa say she liked her. She began with “Say something you like about Teru” to which Ayasa answered “her arms” to avoid the question, but Teru pushed on making her say she loved her and to confess which ended with Ayasa pretty much shouting confessions while trying to act cute which was another order, meanwhile Momoyo gave Mimorin slightly simpler orders. In the end they did manage to finish the conversation and got a point.

During the night event it was Ayasa and Teru that had to talk while Mimorin and Momoyo gave them orders. They switched seats to be in front of one another in the middle of the stage. Ayasa was a bit uncomfortable since she didn’t reach the floor and was swinging her legs in the chair, Teru pointed it out and laughed to which Ayasa responded by using her legs to straggle Teru’s legs as hard as she could.

The game started and they received funny orders, such as Teru who had to talk while saying –rin at the end of her sentences and Ayasa was also ordered to talk weird. Then Teru was asked what she liked most about Ayasa so she answered “I like how she always eats and it looks like she’s enjoying it” and Ayasa got mad at her because she always answered the same thing, and said that if she didn’t think anymore of her than someone that eats.

Teru kept saying she thought she was cute and was then ordered to talk faster (which actually meant she had to do a tongue twister but she misunderstood what Momoyo had written).

So she started talking about Ayasa very fast, then Mimorin wrote a tongue twister that Ayasa misinterpreted as a command to cough her lungs out so she threw herself to the floor and started coughing pretty hard while Teru went to her side to “help” her while still talking fast about what she liked from Ayasa.

They failed to keep a conversation and ended up not getting the point.

  • Making a Stage play

The last game consisted in doing the same as they did during their last niconama, they would be given a theme and then a mission to complete. They had to do a small improv play and it would only end once they had all completed their missions.

The afternoon’s event theme was ‘New School Year’. Their missions were quite varied so Momoyo had to do a wordplay while being excited, Mimorin had to say “Even if we have to fight, I still…” and Teru had to say “Our meeting was destiny!”.

Before starting the game they imitated the giraffe in their deepest voices and everyone laughed.

They did a small play in which Ayasa and Mimorin were childhood friends and old students while Momoyo and Teru were transfer students. Their school had a unique activity that everyone did together (and it was Thumb wrestling).

In order to enter the school team (of which Ayasa was the president) Teru fought Momoyo and won in an instant. Then she fought against Mimorin and won again, here Mimorin and Teru managed to say the lines for their respective missions. Then Ayasa got mad Teru had hurt Mimorin, and said she loved her, after that she also managed to say her line too. Teru countered it saying she had also fallen in love with Mimorin and Momoyo said the same too, got excited and tried to finish her mission by saying a wordplay but couldn’t manage to think of one.

She asked the other ‘senpai’ if they had a favourite wordplay and everyone said one while she tried coming up with one herself. That didn’t work, and then they all tried going through some vocabulary to find a word she could make a wordplay from. In the end she managed to make a simple one and they finished. They got a point because they did manage to complete their respective missions and joked that now they only had 96 more points to go before they could win win a trip to the yakiniku.

For the night event there missions were mainly ‘saying a line’ missions in which they had to say a certain line to win. They put a play for the theme ‘Entering a new company’ and summed it up pretty quickly with the exception of Momoyo (again). She had a very easy line which was: “That’s not it!” which she also says in the play. But she tried too hard to use it and failed the first time so the other girls made up a situation where she could use it and they won a point.

  1. Live

After the games were over, they performed all the songs in their new single, they pointed out that this would be the first (and according to them) last time only 4 of them would sing this special arrangement of the song instead of being the 9 of them as always.

The order of the songs was first the ones they hadn’t sung before so it was ‘Circle of the Revue’ and ‘Kirameki no Ari ka’.

What they had all said at the beginning of the event was very noticeable, the choreography for ‘Circle of the Revue’ seemed quite difficult to do while singing, and Arisa actually had a small slip up during the night event, she was dancing and her microphone slipped or something the like so she couldn’t sing half of one of her lines on time.

Finally they sang ‘Starlight Theater’, which had already been done before during the Revival stage play.

During their final comments they mentioned they were surprised the audience already knew the calls and such for their new songs since this was the first time they were performing them. Then they all proceeded to give a small message and thank everyone for coming. Ayasa apologized for her mistake while performing and assured it wouldn’t happen during their Live in June.

They were changing their light blade colors to match the girl speaking but Mimorin had a hard time handling the buttons and Teru had to help her find the blue color.

Then they all remembered the audience for the last time that the application period for the Live ended on Monday and that we should all tell our friends they still had time to buy the new single and apply. With that they said their closing lines and the event ended.

The place was full for the final event but for the afternoon I think there was still a few seats open, I do hope more people can know about Revue Starlight and become fans too! I know it’s hard since the anime and the play’s BD aren’t out yet but I think that by telling others about it we can manage to get people who aren’t yet aware of the project interested in it. Be it because of the story, or just because you like the actresses and seiyuu involved in it, I think it’s something anyone can enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

All Image Credits toRevue Starlight Official Twitter , Koyama Momoyo's Twitter