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Yumeoji ShioriYumeoji Shiori

Name Yumeoji Shiori
Voice actress Tono Hikaru
Open voice actress
Open voice actress
School Siegfeld Institute of Music
Open school
Open school
Department Junior High
Birthday June 21
Astrological sign Astrological sign Cancer
Color #72d9dc
Weapon Jade Angriff
Kiếm lưỡi cong
Liked food Black tea, chiffon cake
Disliked food Natto
Likes Tea time, horseback riding
Dislikes Distance running, stretching
Once unable to take part in long lessons due to childhood frailty, this Stage Girl conquered her physical issues and is a stand-out performer. Relatively sensible among her Siegfeld schoolmates, she often winds up being the understanding and knowledgeable one despite being younger. She is still troubled by her sister Fumi's unexplained departure from the school.

Despite being only a third-year junior high student, her talent and ability caught Akira's eye. Kind and honest, she can understand others' problems well. Her older sister, Yumeoji Fumi, attends Rinmeikan's Girls School.

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