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April 30, 2020 15:06:18 +0000 (UTC)


uhhhh so i found this and idk if y'all seen these yet but as someone that's a nana stan and has never seen any revue starlight lives, i was fucking shook (i even burst to tears lmaoo) like holy shit i always thought that bonds of the stars was the best revue song (the others are good too!!) but damn when i heard the live parts in this stage mix I JUST- y'all don't realize how fucking much i cried when listening to this for the first time like moEPII'S VOICE WAS SO FUCKING RAW-

and as someone that listens to bts (don't attack me y'all) and thinking that kpop songs are the only songs that have stage mixes my wig was fuckign snatched when i saw that-

anyway since idk where to download the whole starry desert live I'm forced to starve and wait for someone brave enough to post the live version of the star knows ; -; if any of y'all know where i can download the whole starry desert live please let me know;;;;;;

sorry about this long post again;;;