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May 24, 2019 09:07:05 +0000 (UTC)


[Twilight Theater] Multiplayer Raid Mode now available!

■ Period

May 24 16:00JST on wards

※ It is a permanent mode that does not end.

※ The "Red Jersey" Suzdal Cat Stage will be held until May 31st 23:5(JST

■ What is the Twilight Theater?

It's a real-time collaborative content that challenges a BOSS with the cooperation of up to three players.

■ How to Play

① Set Up Your Twilight Theater Team

- You may organize up to eight stage girls.

② Choose a Challenge Method

- There are two ways to try this mode. Choose between "Make a Room" and "Room Entry"

- Make a Room - you will be the leader of the room and will recruite members for the Twilight Theater.

- Room Entry - will be you participating as a member in the room.

You will need a Challenge Point (CP). CP recovers once every 30 minutes. You may store up to 5CP.

③ Decide which 9 girls who will do the 3 challenge stages.

- Up to three players gathered in the room will pick one from the stage girls that a player organized in step ① until the challenge stage has a total of nine.

- If you are unsure about what to use, you may tap "定型文機能" to automatically set girls.

④ Get Rewards!

Usse the medals that the Boss drops to exchange in the store for rewards you love!

Do know that you need specific items to create a room, as well as obtain a "Golden Treasure Chest" if you host the raid.

■ Limited Time Reward

The following rewards will be in the "Twilight Theater" store tab until June 9th 23:59JST.

- 3★ Memoir [Legendary Punishment Suzdal Cat]

- Theater Item - Line Car Suzdal Cat

■ Point Differences and Revue Songs

- Revue Songs

The effects of your revue songs will only affect your girls.

- Climax Revue

If an ally player as initiated Climax Revue but has not started yet, you may press the "後追いクライマックスレヴュー" button to enter Climax Revue in one turn.

- Finish ACT

If there are two or more stage girls in a Climax Revue, you may activate the Finish ACT.

- Which Finish ACT type will trigger depends on which girl is fastest.

- Game Over

If a Stage Girl's HP enters 0, the Stage Girl will reappear with full HP after a certain number of turns. These number of turns increases every time it happens.

■ Changes from Beta Version

- Layout Adjusted

- Next Level/Difficulty will be released whether the stage is cleared after creating or entering a room.

- The limit of stage girls that can be selected in the waiting room has been changed from 4 to 3.

- You may now put a password in a room.

- The player's name is now fixed on the lower part of the screen.

- Recovery time of CP is now displayed on the screen.

- When creating a room has reached its limit, the time limit of when a next CP will be restored.

- Number of turns at zero HP is as follows 3 Turns → 4 Turns → 5 Turns → 8 Turns → 10 Turns →

- The content will be continuously updated.