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May 04, 2018 22:51:33 +0000 (UTC)


Revue Starlight TV Anime OP Single "Hoshi no Dialogue" On Sale July 18th!

With the anime airing on July 12th, the release date for the opening song of the TV Anime titled "Hoshi no Dialogue" has been announced!

Single Title: Hoshi no Dialogue (Lit. Dialogue of the Star)

It will be sung by all the 99th Graduating Class.

Item Number:PCCG-70432

Price: 1,389yen+tax

Release Date: July 18th, 2018 (Wednesday)


1.Hoshi no Dialogue (Lit. Dialogue of the Star)

Lyrics: Nakamura Kanata (K-On! Character Songs, Ohashi Ayaka) Composition: Honda Yuki (Artefact) (Love Live! Aqours, Ohashi Ayaka)

2.Title to be determined.

3.Hoshi no Dialogue[Instrumental]

4.Title to be determined.[Instrumental]

This single comes with a ticket application lottery for the following performances on Revue Starlight's new stage play!

October 19th, 19:00JST Performance

October 20th, 13:00JST Performance & 18:00JST Performance

October 21st, 13:00JST Performance & 18:00JST Performance

※ One serial number is only for one application

※ A serial number can only be used to apply to one live, up to two tickets.

※ More details is included in the lottery application site.

Keep checking on this post for more updates soon!

Source: Revue Starlight Official Site