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I'll never get tired editing my profile!

General things about me

  • I'm Konsi, or Kon, or Konkon, whatever you prefer.
  • I'm an 18 year old male who loves cute things, spicy food and sweet drinks. Sweets in general are pretty neat if you ask me.
  • I play a lot of gacha games and might be a dolphin. plsdontjudge
  • I seem to be super huge compared to other users on this site (6"2'), but interestingly, I'm not much larger than the people around me. 🤔
  • My eye color, my birthstone color and my favorite color is green.
  • I keep forgetting my blood type, I think it was B something


  • I play the game more or less actively since a few days after WW release
  • I like the ad gacha more than the actual gacha
  • My best girl is Hikari. I do have a thing for black hair smh.


My Starlight and other IDs can be found here.

I'm in charge for the german translation of's interface. If you see errors, please either write me a PM or write me an email.

I'm glad to be able to contribute to this community, and I'm looking forward for fun times with everyone in here~

Also, why does Claudine look like Corrin???

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