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October 17, 2018 21:34:53 +0000 (UTC)


Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight ReLIVE mobile game announced!

Starlight ReLIVE or StarRelive, is an adventure RPG game developed by A-Team and produced by Bushiroad, Bushimo and TBS. It will be available for both the iOS and Android platforms! Pre-Registrations are currently on-going!

Announced in today's Announcement stream, the game will be in full 3D and will follow a battle-type gameplay. With the current screenshots, it seems to follow the similar gameplay to Tales of Asteria. Please do note that they are not the same, but only similar in visuals. We currently have no information what the complete game play is like.

Following the story of the Revue Starlight, as you can see in the screenshot above, you will not only be battling fellow Theatre Girls, but also different kinds of enemies that are not yet to be revealed as this moment, said by Ozekin, A-Team's Project Manager/Lead.

It is an adventure game that features stories that are original to the game as well as different stories featuring all the different characters in Revue Starlight. All stories will be full voiced and in Live 2D!

There will be three new schools that will serve as Rivals by Seisho Music Academy in this game. They are currently reported as "Rinmeikan Girls School,", "Frontier Arts Academy", and "Seekfelt Music Institute". Please note that there were no Katakana or Kanji presented, these are currently names produced by hearing. They will be corrected at a later time once official names has been announced.

There were also three new characters announced, one from each school. It has also been revealed that there will be 5 new characters per school with a total of 15 new characters! Stay tuned!

A Second Year Student from Rinmeikan Girls School, Tomoe Tamao[1. From Gamer Article]. She is described to be elegant and yamato nadeshiko (Perfect Ideal Japanese Woman). She is quiet and is traditional. She is compared to Hanayagi Kaoruko who is of similar character, but from Kyoto instead of Tokyo. She will be voiced by Kusunoki Tomori (Kagimura Hazuki (Marchen Madchen), Kohiruimaki Karen/Llenn (SAO: Alternative GGO), Yuki Setsuna (Love Live! PDP).

A First Year from Frontier Arts Academy, Otsuki Aruru[1. From Gamer Article]. Frontier Arts Academy is described to be a school designed for students who wanted to go into the entertainment business. Aruru is described to be energetic and very idol-like. She is voiced by Han Megumi (Gon Freecss (HunterxHunter), Kagari Akko (Little Witch Academia), Adashino Benio (Twin Star Exorcists).

A Second Year from Seekfelt Music Institute, Yukishiro Akira[1. From Gamer Article]. She is described as stoic and cold, and she aims to be the top star, the very best no one ever was. She is compared to Tendou Maya, who is also of the same personality and personal aims. She also has quite a cute side everyone should look forward to. She is voiced by Nomoto Hotaru (Stageplays: Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon), Okapi (Kemono Friends).

The game will also feature a "speedrun" feature which may be similar to PriConne's "Skip Ticket" feature. It's a feature that let's you use a ticket to skip going through a dungeon/quest that you have already cleared in the past! As well as the ability to train and level up your Theatre Girls to make them more powerful!

As for the moment, these are the current information we have on hand for the StarRelive game! The theme song in the game is "Discovery!" by the 99th Class!

Feel free to watch the trailer below as well as don't forget to pre-register!

There will be pre-registration bonuses for each mail pre-reg and twitter follow! So don't forget to pre-register as well as follow the StarRelive Twitter!

Don't forget to follow us as well for the latest Revue Starlight Information in English!

Source: Revue Starlight Announcement Stream

October 17, 2018 21:36:52 +0000 (UTC)


More details on Revue Starlight TV Anime Characters and Music!

In today's announcement stream, a whole lot more information about the characters in the upcoming Revue Starlight TV Anime were revealed. They all also have confirmed that the anime will be following the #1 Stage Play's storyline. The #1 Revival Blu-ray will be on sale on June 27th (WED), don't forget to buy your copies!

First of all, we would like everyone to learn and memorize these three keywords.

[Theatre Girls] (Butai Shoujo)

- These are girls who aim to become Theatre Actresses. They are girls full of Starlight and Sparkles.

[Seisho Music Academy] (Seisho Ongaku Gakuin)

- A famous music school. Classes are divided into two. Class A = Theatre Actress Training and Class B = Theatre Creation Class.


- This is the title of the Revue that Karen and Hikari aimed to perform at when they were young. It is beautiful, even though quite sad.

And now we will proceed into the character introduction.

※ Please know before hand that the current character profile in this site is set to match the Theatre Play. A lot of details are different. They will be updated at a different time.

Hanayagi Kaoruko (CV: Itou Ayasa). She embodies the image of a classic Japanese lady. She speaks in full Kyoto-accent. She's the granddaughter of head of Japanese traditional dance in her hometown. She's the childhood friend of Futaba.

Isurugi Futaba (CV: Ikuta Teru). She is Kaoruko's childhood friend. She's good at swordfighting as well as rides a bike. She takes care of Kaoruko a lot, and watches over her.

Saijou Claudine (CV: Aiba Aina). She is Half French and Half Japanese. She speaks a lot of French in the anime, in full sentences, aside from her usual Oui, Merci, Bonjour. She was a child actress. Her rival is Tendou Maya.

Daiba Nana (CV: Koizumi Moeka). Her nickname is "Banana". She's like everyone's Mother. She is not only talented in theatre acting, but she can also write scripts and direct production of a play.

Tsuyuzaki Mahiru (CV: Iwata Haruki). She is Karen's roommate. Her talent is Baton Twirling. She loves Karen a lot. She is shy, gentle and kind, but she is very passionate in things she loves.

Hoshimi Junna (CV: Satou Hinata). She is very smart. She is 2nd year Class A's Class Representative. She pushed past her parent's disapproval of her attending Seisho Music Academy to become part of this school.

Tendou Maya (CV: Tomita Maho). She is called "Maya-sama". She is the Queen of the School. She is the school's celebrity. Everyone looks up to her and she wants to be the very best, no one ever was. The one person whose name is said in full the most. Her casting voice, Tomita Maho, asks everyone to count how many times she will be called "Tendou Maya" in the run of the anime.

Kagura Hikari (CV: Mimori Suzuko). She is a transfer student from England. She is cool and mysterious. Karen's childhood friend. She kept in her heart the want to reach "Starlight" with Karen. She did her best to reach this far to fulfill her promise. She loves a character named "Mr. White", the white bear pouch that can be found on her waist. Her hairpin is a sparkle hairpin, but it doesn't sparkle, it is just in the shape of a sparkle.

Aijo Karen (CV: Koyama Momoyo). Hikari's Childhood friend. She loves the Starlight. She loves theatre plays. She's a very energetic and cheerful girl, like the sun. She is quite selfless but she still aims to become the top star to reach the Starlight with her childhood friend, Hikari.

Pony Canyon will be producing all the music in the Revue Starlight TV Anime.

The music will be composed and arranged by:

Fujisawa Yoshiaki (Love Live!, GATE, Riddle Story of the Devil)

Katou Tatsuya (Free!, Shokugeki no Shoma, Love Live! Sunshine!!)

And all the song's lyrics will be by Nakamura Kanata (Yuuki Yuuna Series).

The insert songs for the first three episodes were previewed and introduced in this stream. Please do know there may be talking voices at the background for these are only cuts from the full stream.

[video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

Episode 1 [Theatre Girl] (Butai Shoujo)

Insert Song: Sekai wo Hai suru made (Lit. Until the World becomes Ashes)

Sung by: Kagura Hikari (CV: Mimori Suzuko), Hoshimi Junna (CV: Satou Hinata), Aijou Karen (CV: Koyama Momoyo)

[video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

Episode 2 「Fated Theatre] (Unmei no Butai)

Insert Song: The Star Knows

Sung by: Hoshimi Junna (CV: Satou Hinata), Aijou Karen (CV: Koyama Momoyo)

[video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

Episode 3 [Top Star]

Insert Song: Hokori to Ogori (Lit. Pride and Arrogance)

Sung by: Tendou Maya (CV: Tomita Maho), Aijou Karen (CV: Koyama Momoyo)

And this wraps up the anime section for today's announcement stream.

Don't forget to watch the full stream if you are interested!

July 09, 2019 13:48:09 +0000 (UTC)


i only keep the memoirs that have my fav girls in it jcjdkwisk I do not play for team strength

July 18, 2019 16:18:16 +0000 (UTC)


just a small tip for y'all: if you are a F2P but you're really tempted on spending your money on gems, i recommend google opinion rewards! google'll send ya a small survey to answer and they reward you in google play money you can use in any game on the play store (like ReLIVE ofc) there is an ios version that should work in the same way but idk lol. it takes a bit of time but its worth it!

November 25, 2019 14:03:25 +0000 (UTC)


I've been pretty bored of playing ReLIVE recently, the game is just.. Getting repetitive for me.

August 08, 2019 18:39:00 +0000 (UTC)


so what was the point of delaying the new year's event if they were just going to have it in august anyway