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October 29, 2018 12:18:01 +0000 (UTC)


[Event] Hallowin→Halloween - Masterpost (Information and Event Story Translations)

■Event Duration:

October 29th, 16:00JSt ~ November 8th, 13:59JST

■How to Play:

- Play the event stage and reach the boss stage.

- The event stages and boss stages will be dropping "Halloween Candy" that you can use to pull the gacha for various items and rare pieces!

※: You can reset the box by pulling all of its content. (You can reset the box's content right from the start after resetting 5 times.)

※: The total number of Halloween Candies needed to reset a box is different.

■Event Tips:

1. Upgrade the event card 3★Tsukasa, and 4★Halloween Gacha Kaoruko or 3★Shizuha if you get them

2. Upgrade and attach the Halloween Memoirs to your characters; those give extra DMG to the Event Boss. (Refer to the Information below.)

3. Get a Tank character to protect your Offensive party members. Boss is Wind Element. Upgrade your starter tank 2★Karen which is Flower, or use 4★ Knight Maya or 3★ Knight Claudine if you have them.

4. Find Support 4★Halloween Kaoruko and Follow the person so you get them more often.

5. Build Kirameki/Radiance so your Offensive characters can Climax along with Kaoruko, have them survive and do final Climax Attack with Flower-type for extra damage.

6. If you lost the fight, the Boss retain the HP from last fight for your next fight so you can try again. Try to figure out a setup where you can defeat the Normal Boss in 1 try.

■Event Farming:

Clear Hard (once) with 4 Tries = costs 120 keys = gives 100 candy

Clear Normal with 6 Runs (Assuming you only battle it once) = costs 120 keys = gives 90 candy

※ Trying to defeat the Hard boss more than 4 times is inefficient. If your party cannot defeat the boss with just 4 tries, farm the event with the Normal boss.

■Event Story:

- The event's story is a limited story made only for this Halloween Event. The story will be translated and updated on this page. This page will be updated at least once everyday until the Event Story is fully translated.

※Event story translation will be full text only.

■Follow-up Campaign

Date: Nov 8th ~ December 1st (After the event)

- The event reward card's talent crystals are not obtainable via the daily farms and the talent crystal shop. However, in order to give way for the iOS release, "Relentless Spider Witch Ebisu Tsukasa" talent crystals will be available only for this event. Other events will not include them.

■Event Cards Information

▼ Event Reward/Gacha Stage Girl Bonuses

<Event Boss +200% Damage>

<Event Boss +100% Damage>

<Event Boss +10% Damage>

- Every Seisho Music Academy Stage Girls

- Every Frontier Arts Academy Stage Girls

▼ Event Reward/Gacha Memoir Bonuses

<Event Boss +50% Damage>

Up to +80% Damage if max leveled and uncapped

<Event Boss +30% Damage>

Up to +60% Damage if max leveled and uncapped

■Halloween Missions

- You may also receive Halloween Candies and Gacha Tickets by completing the Halloween Missions.

- Defeat Event Boss #times

- Reset the Gacha Box #times

※We are unsure how many the total is at the moment.

Event Story Translations

Added Chapter 1 Event Story Translations 11/01/2018

[tabby title="Chapter 1"]

[supsystic-tables id=1]


  • The story about Bobotie is in Revue Starlight Overture Chapter 3.

We will be updating this thread regularly, please check back every now and then!

October 31, 2018 11:44:57 +0000 (UTC)


[Event] Coin Search (2x Coin Drops)

There will be a 2x Coin Drop Event from November 1st, 05:00JST (Thursday).

Event Name: Coin Search

The amount of coins will be doubled in all difficulty levels of the Coin Event grind.

■Event Period

November 1st 05:00JST ~ November 6th 04:59JST

※Coin Search will only be in effect if you have cleared Chapter 1-6 of the Main Story.

※Please note that if you go over the daily amount of the 2x drop per day, the drops for the following days will be reduced.

※The content and amount of the 2x Coin Drop is subject to change without notice.

October 29, 2018 03:12:53 +0000 (UTC)


[Event] First Event "Hallowin→Halloween" will begin soon! Get a chance to pull 4★ "Mischievous Bat Witch Hanayagi Kaoruko" from the Sweet Halloween Gacha!

Event Name: Hallowin→Halloween

Duration: Start -- October 29th, 2018 16:00JST - End -- November 8th, 2018 13:59JST

Description: Will contain a special story for this limited time event. The event will have event bosses to be beat. The boss will drop Halloween Candies that can be used to draw in the special Halloween Gacha Box to get 3★ "Relentless Spider Witch Ebisu Tsukasa" and 3★ Memoir Tendou Maya "Banana's Pumpkin".

New Gacha: Sweet Halloween Gacha

Limited Gacha!

Characters: 4★ "Mischievous Bat Witch Hanayagi Kaoruko", 3★ "Jack O'Lantern Kochou Shizuha"

Memoir: 4★ Aruru and Lalafin "Trick or Treat 2018", 3★ Tsukasa and Kaoruko "Formed! The Witch Twins!"

- Limited cards Gacha Rate up.

- Limited cards have increased damage and special effects to the event boss.

New Gacha: First Event Commemoration Special Gacha

- If you pull from this gacha first, and then do your second pull from the Halloween Gacha, you get a guaranteed chance of receiving one of the four new cards in the gacha box!

Mechanics will be updated once more information is available!


March 06, 2021 06:13:48 +0000 (UTC)


Hey just joined StarAca! I used to play Relive when it first opened WW but i lost that account and my new account was formed just two weeks ago to grind for Aqours collab. super sad to not see this site updated since November ish card wise? hope the MODs can catch up soon!

September 26, 2020 15:35:51 +0000 (UTC)

«Look, Hikari chan, there are so many stars~! 💕» {but the most beautiful star is you ✨}


«Look, Hikari-chan, there are so many stars~! 💕» {but the most beautiful star is you }


{ 2 0 2 0 // 0 9 // 2 7 }

August 08, 2019 18:39:00 +0000 (UTC)


so what was the point of delaying the new year's event if they were just going to have it in august anyway