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November 22, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)

    How to Play the 3rd Starlive 'Starry Diamond' Events

※Please note that this is assuming that...

How to Play the 3rd Starlive 'Starry Diamond' Events

※Please note that this is assuming that the rest of the other events will be of similar nature.

■ Event Period: Otte, Owarete, Sirius

Nov 22nd, 16:00JST to Dec 6th 13:59JST

■ How To Play

① Damage and Defeat "Teumessian Fox" Tomoe Tamao!

Clear the 4 event stages, reach the BOSS Stage and defeat the boss!

※If you loss the boss challenge you can challenge it again.

② Use up the SP (Stage Point) and go through the events!

The SP recovers once per 30 minutes, stacking up to 10 at a time.

After clearing the event stage, and the boss stage, 1SP will be deducted on each.

※You can use 50 Stargems to recover your SP.

※You may use the SP ticket to recover 10SP. If you use it while it's at 10SP, it won't exceed, so please be careful. ※SP will still be used up even if you retire.

③ Earn special attack up effect and continue to defeat the boss!

Every time you defeat the boss, you get up to 5% attack up. It stacks up and carries over towards the next time you defeat the boss.

④ Clear Event Stages and receive Event Jewelry Boxes!

Every time you receive a box, you can open it for a 20% chance of receiving an item, or use an event key to open it. You can get the attack up items, or SP recovery tickets and other items.

The possible items to receive are as listed:

- SP Recovery Ticket 1x

- Damage to Boss Special Item +5%

- Damage to Boss Special Item +10%

- Damage to Boss Special Item +15%

- Damage to Boss Special Item +20%

- Damage to Boss Special Item +25%

- 50,000 Coins

- Bouquet 1x

- 30 Stargems

※You may also open the chest for 30stargems.

※The special effect items will not be carried over to the next event.

※SP Recovery Ticket and Event Keys can be used towards the next events.

⑤ Earn various rewards!

Every time you defeat the boss you can climb up to reach each reward! You may view these rewards in the game's page.

■ Special Story

This event will have a special story that is exclusive only to this event! The event story will unlock based on how many times the event boss has been defeated!

Each chapter will be unlocked once per day.

Stories that are not unlocked during the event period will not be viewable after the event.

■ Ranking Rewards

Rewards will be given to those who defeated the BOSS the most number of times!

Final Ranking Results Announcement: December 6th 16:00JST to December 13th 13:59JST

This page is to be updated once a new event is announced with the same mechanics.

January 02, 2020 21:37:35 +0000 (UTC)


I've just recently reached Platinum in the Special Performance. My first plat' after +250 days playing.

But I don't know if...if I just don't know about some sort of platinum rank rule about Stamps... 'cause my first three fights ended on a least the first one used a I'm sorry stamp but... all used stamps, and I was hyped 'cause, how else do you communicate with other in Re:Live?

I'm just disapointed... it feels less rewarding than the PVE now.

December 08, 2019 01:20:26 +0000 (UTC)


finally got 10k saved !! (lost 1500 with that michiru but i built back up ;;) now uhh a million more to go! or maybe another 20k qwq

August 08, 2019 18:39:10 +0000 (UTC)


so what was the point of delaying the new year's event if they were just going to have it in august anyway

November 07, 2019 01:48:48 +0000 (UTC)

   plays the ascending meme    we did it together gamers   stay tuned for my epic revstar au as...
  • plays the ascending meme * we did it together gamers ((stay tuned for my epic revstar au as celebration kinda))
November 02, 2019 00:27:52 +0000 (UTC)


AH i would kill for a christmas revival so i can get another shot at that christmas mahiru but that'd be a huge bump in the road to cinderella mahiru ;-; i want it but think about the toll

October 20, 2019 15:39:13 +0000 (UTC)


i noticed recently that there isnt any one specific place with lotsa starira event info that 1. is easy to quickly navigate and not spread out among other news and 2. isnt super out of date, so i decided to compile what i could find into this google doc ! it isnt absolutely everything i could include but if i missed anything let me know, i wanna make sure it has everything that people need so ill be editing it a lot as i go. feel free to share it on other sites as long as you credit me since it took a while to look for and compile hehe ^^;

[EDIT] ive changed the link so that ppl can comment if i got anything wrong !

August 09, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)

    New Content "Challenge Revue"

New content "Challenge Revue" has started today, August 9th!...

New Content "Challenge Revue"

New content "Challenge Revue" has started today, August 9th!

■ Period

August 9th 16:00JST

※This game mode is permanent.

■ What is Challenge Review?

Challenge Revue is a revue where the most difficult BOSS stage girls appears.

A total of four powerful stage girls grace the stage. Three stage girls and a BOSS stage girl.

For this month, victory against the stage girls allows you to collect "Round Table Certificates (Lancelot)" that you collect o get 4☆ [Lancelot] Tsuyuzaki Mahiru!

■ How to play "Challenge Revue"

① Challenge a Stage Girl who plays as the enemy.

You can challenge the BOSS after winning against the 3 powerful stage girls.

You can challenge the normal stage girls in any order.

※ Challenge Revue does not consume Stamina

② Organize your units

You can challenge 4 times against 4 stage girls.

Once started, stage girls, memoirs and revue songs cannot be reorganized until it is reset.

※Damage done to enemies will continue when you challenge them again until you reset it.

※After resetting, the stage girl, memoir and songs will be available for reorganization.

③ Get "Round Table Certificates (Lancelot)"

If you win against the three stage girls and the BOSS you can get "Round Table Certificates (Lancelot)". You can also obtain them by completing quests.

④ Get 4☆ [Lancelot] Tsuyuzaki Mahiru

Exchange for the card in the store using the certificates. You can also use them to change for crystals.

■ Special Acts

In "Challenge Revue" the enemies performs special acts.

/- Opening Act

At the start of the revue, the enemy activates an ACT before the player gets to select an ACT panel.

/- End ACT

Enemies activate an ACT at the end of a specific turn.

■ About enemy stage girls Enemy stage girls will only appear in "Challenge Revue". The attributes and elements of the Stage Girls will change once the rewards change.

■ Reset Function You can use the reset status to challenge many times.

※You can reset as much as you can.

※Rewards acquired will not reset.

■ Reward Reset

The following "Rewards" will not change for a certain period. Once you've finished all the items, they will be reset together with your clear reset, when you press the reset button to refresh the stage girls.