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January 07, 2020 17:57:30 +0000 (UTC)

Hello everyone!

Did you know that we give away one different badge every month to our...

Hello everyone!

Did you know that we give away one different badge every month to our donators?

This month's badge features Ichie 👘🌸

Do you want the badge on your profile? Good news, it's not too late to get it!

If you join our Patreon now, you'll get the badge on your profile + many more goodies! AND you're helping Starlight Academy pay for servers and organize really cool community events. Ain't that neat? 😉


And a BIG THANK YOU to our patrons this months! You're the best 💕

July 25, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)


[My Theater Items] New Summer Themed My Theater Items! Limited only until August 4th!

■ Period

July 25 16:00JST ~ August 4th 13:59JST

■ New Theater Items

  • Blue Summer Bed
  • Yellow Summer Bed- Beach-style Leisure Seat
  • Palm Tree
  • Kanihaniwa Floater
  • Swimming Pool with Slide
  • Beach-like Floor
  • Beach-like Wall
August 09, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)

    New Content "Challenge Revue"

New content "Challenge Revue" has started today, August 9th!...

New Content "Challenge Revue"

New content "Challenge Revue" has started today, August 9th!

■ Period

August 9th 16:00JST

※This game mode is permanent.

■ What is Challenge Review?

Challenge Revue is a revue where the most difficult BOSS stage girls appears.

A total of four powerful stage girls grace the stage. Three stage girls and a BOSS stage girl.

For this month, victory against the stage girls allows you to collect "Round Table Certificates (Lancelot)" that you collect o get 4☆ [Lancelot] Tsuyuzaki Mahiru!

■ How to play "Challenge Revue"

① Challenge a Stage Girl who plays as the enemy.

You can challenge the BOSS after winning against the 3 powerful stage girls.

You can challenge the normal stage girls in any order.

※ Challenge Revue does not consume Stamina

② Organize your units

You can challenge 4 times against 4 stage girls.

Once started, stage girls, memoirs and revue songs cannot be reorganized until it is reset.

※Damage done to enemies will continue when you challenge them again until you reset it.

※After resetting, the stage girl, memoir and songs will be available for reorganization.

③ Get "Round Table Certificates (Lancelot)"

If you win against the three stage girls and the BOSS you can get "Round Table Certificates (Lancelot)". You can also obtain them by completing quests.

④ Get 4☆ [Lancelot] Tsuyuzaki Mahiru

Exchange for the card in the store using the certificates. You can also use them to change for crystals.

■ Special Acts

In "Challenge Revue" the enemies performs special acts.

/- Opening Act

At the start of the revue, the enemy activates an ACT before the player gets to select an ACT panel.

/- End ACT

Enemies activate an ACT at the end of a specific turn.

■ About enemy stage girls Enemy stage girls will only appear in "Challenge Revue". The attributes and elements of the Stage Girls will change once the rewards change.

■ Reset Function You can use the reset status to challenge many times.

※You can reset as much as you can.

※Rewards acquired will not reset.

■ Reward Reset

The following "Rewards" will not change for a certain period. Once you've finished all the items, they will be reset together with your clear reset, when you press the reset button to refresh the stage girls.

July 24, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)


What would you like to see next on Starlight Academy?

I have a few things in mind we could maybe add, if you're interested.

  • Revue Starlight:
    • Episodes
    • Shows and other IRL events
    • Merch (+ add list of merch you own to your profile)
    • Gallery of official art
  • Relive:
    • Events
    • Gachas (?)
    • Medals (?) (+ add list of medals you own to your account)
    • Comics
    • CG illustrations
    • Theater items
  • Community
    • Cosplay, Fanfics, Fanarts, etc
    • Shop fan-made items (pins, prints, etc) from selected artists from the community

I know some people suggested things like viewing the 3D and live2D characters, but that's way out of my comfort zone. If any developer would like to implement that, PM me.

I also don't play the game and don't really understand the game mechanics so I won't be able to help with things like auto team builders etc. Same thing, developers interested in that, PM me.

And huh yeah those are just a bunch of ideas but I don't know what you guys actually want, so don't focus too much on that list and suggest things in the comments!

It's also worth noting that I don't only work on this site + I'm currently vacationing (🏖 yay) + implementing features takes time! (and no, just because it exists on another site doesn't make it easy to add to another one - all games are different) -- so please be patient and keep your expectations not too high 🙏

Thanks for using Starlight Academy!

July 26, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)


Regarding Seasonal Gacha

■ Regarding Seasonal Gacha

Starting from this event (Radiance Splash! Synchro Girls 1950) there will be seasonal cards (Stage Girls and Memoirs).

With that, season limited cards will not be available in other times of the year except for the Seasonal Gachas that will be available on specific seasons.

Example) The Synchro Girls Summer Limited cards will be available in the Halloween Season inside the Seasonal Gacha.

※They will not be available for double appearance rate.

※Seasonal Cards will be available in that specific Stage Girl's Birthday Brilliance Gacha.

※Stargem Gacha cards will also be in the Seasonal Gacha.

※Seasonal Gacha will not have Kirameki Fes/Brilliance Fes cards in it.

■ Current List of Seasonal Cards that will be in the Season Gacha (Up to July 25th)

Stage Girls

- Mischievous Bat Witch Hanayagi Kaoruko

- Jack O'Lantern Kochou Shizuha

- Holy Night's Santa Claus Tsuyuzaki Mahiru

- New Year Ebisu Tsukasa

- Battle of Hanetsuki Tomoe Tamao

- Happy Valentine's Hoshimi Junna

- Blessing of Angels Yumeoji Fumi

- Easter Bunny Kochou Shizuha

- Easter Bunny Ootsuki Aruru

- Bride June Kagura Hikari

- Orihime Michiru

August 01, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)

Starlight Academy is a free and open community, made by fans and for fans 💕

Its high monthly server...

Starlight Academy is a free and open community, made by fans and for fans 💕

Its high monthly server cost make it only able to exist thanks for the generous support of donators who support us monthly.

To thank you for your generosity, we give away a limited badge every month to all our donators.

This month's limited badge features Mahiru 💦

Do you want it?

Join our Patreon now: you get goodies AND you support your favorite community 💕 Yay!

Update: Donators badges have all been added!

Check out the list of donators this month: they're the best 💕

July 06, 2019 20:06:04 +0000 (UTC)

 Starlight Academy  is actually hosted on a combined infrastructure...

Starlight Academy is actually hosted on a combined infrastructure along with its sister websites Sukutomo, BanPa, CinPro, etc. In total, between the hosting and traffic costs, it adds up to quite a bit, and I personally can't afford to pay for it myself, so all the sites entirely survive thanks to the support of kind donators.

If you have a bit to spare, we really appreciate your support on Patreon.

Of course, you should only donate if you can afford it. Your support via shares and comments also make us very happy!

Thank you so much to all 6 generous folks who donated a bit of their hard earned cash to support Starlight Academy 👑💕

I didn't expect so much support right from the start! 😯

It means so much to me and it really, truly helps ❤


Oh, and in addition to supporting your favorite new community, when you become a donator, you also get digital and physical rewards!

You can read more about the rewards directly from the Patreon page, but one of the digital rewards we give away is monthly badges.

This month, and because the card got released right when Starlight Academy launched, the badge features Orihime Michiru 👘🎍

If you want it, it's not too late! As long as you join our Patreon before the end of the month, you'll get the badge on your profile.

July 04, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)

  Welcome to Starlight Academy!

Your one stop database and community for everything Revue Starlight...

Welcome to Starlight Academy!

Your one-stop database and community for everything Revue Starlight and Relive!

Get started

Did you pre-register? Thank you 💕

If not, sign up now!

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  6. Check out the feed:


Meet the team behind Starlight Academy

This project is the fruit of the combined work of the members of our amazing staff team.

Check out the staff's introductions!

It's a beta!

Keep in mind that though it was brought up thanks to the experiences of its big sisters Bandori Party and Cinderella Producers, Starlight Academy is still a baby 👶

As such, it still has a lot to learn. In other words, small glitches are to be expected.

If you find any issue or you have a suggestion, be a friend and let us know directly!

Thanks for joining!

July 03, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)


[My Theater Items] New Tanabata Themed My Theater Items! Limited to Tanabata! Until July 16th only!

■ Period July 4th 16:00JST ~ Jul 16th 13:59JST

■ New Theater Items

  • Star-shaped Table
  • Pink Star-shaped chair
  • Green Star-shaped chair
  • Star-shaped Rack
  • Milky Way style Light
  • Milky Way-like Partition
  • Tanabata Decoration
  • Tanabata-style Floor
  • Tanabata-style Wall
July 04, 2019 00:00:00 +0000 (UTC)


[Event] Get 3★ [Hikoboshi] Liu Meifan in the "Legend of the Star Festival: Oath to the Stars" Event! & 4★ [Orihime] Ootori Michiru in the "Rendezvous of the Milky Ways" Gacha!

■ Event Period

Jul 4th 16;00JST until Jul 16th 13:59JST

■ How To Play the Event

① Clear the event stages and collect "Boss Keys" to challenge the event boss!

※Boss Keys will also drop in the main story if a certain condition is met.

② Play the event by taking advantage of the special effects of the event's reward Memoir and Stage Girl as well as the Gacha Stage Girl and Memoirs!

③ Defeat the event boss and collect "Tanzaku" and exchange them with the lottery box! It's a good opportunity to collect rare pieces and raise the event card to skill level MAX!

※The boxes have different rewards per box. (The rewards will be constant after the 6th box).

※The number of feathers required per box is different.

※The box will be available until July 19th 13:59JST

④ A new boss level difficulty has been introduced! Boss difficulty Level 6! Shape up and organize your stage girls to challenge this new difficulty!

■ 2x Drop

You have an opportunity to turn on the 2x Drop once a day.

- The 2x Drop will only apply if the boss is defeated.

- the 2x Drop button resets at 5:00JST everyday.

■ Event Story

This event will have a special story that is exclusive only to this event! The event story will unlock based on how many times the event boss has been defeated!

Each chapter will be unlocked once per day.

Stories that are not unlocked during the event period will not be viewable after the event.

■ Event Cards

[Stage Girl]

3★ [Hikoboshi] Liu Meifan


3★ [Helping Hikoboshi-sama]

■ Special Effects

[Stage Girls]

4★ [Orihime] Ootori Michiru will grant party members +200% increased Damage to the Challenge Boss, even as Support member

3★ [Hikoboshi] Liu Meifan will grant party members +100% increased Damage to the Challenge Boss, even as Support member

Any Rinmeikan Girls School Character will grant 10% increased Damage to the Challenge Boss.


4★ [That Day My Wish Reached That Star] will grant 50% increased Damage to the Challenge Boss. (+80% if fully uncapped!)

3★ [A Stage Girl's Wish] will grant 30% increased Damage to the Challenge Boss. (+60% if fully uncapped!)

3★ [Helping Hikoboshi-sama] will grant 30% increased Damage to the Challenge Boss. (+60% if fully uncapped!)

■ Gacha Title Rendezvous of the Milky Ways

There will be a step-up gacha for this gacha box!

Step 1 / 2: One 10-pull is guaranteed to give you one of the new cards whether a stage girl or a memoir.

Step 3: 10-pull for free!

※The guaranteed 4★ Stage Girl Counter will reset once Part 1 Gacha ends. It will not carry over.

■ Gacha Period

Jul 4th 16;00JST until Jul 16th 13:59JST

■ Pick Up Gacha

Stage Girl

4★ [Orihime] Ootori Michiru


4★ [That Day My Wish Reached That Star]

3★ [A Stage Girl's Wish]

Event Story

[To be Updated]